Yamaha Motors

Yamaha is one of the few Japanese companies which have given the traditional manufactures of motorbikes the US and the European companies a run for their money. It has to be remembered that the history if two wheelers in Japan is not more than 50 years old while that in the US and Europe go far beyond that. Yamaha motor company was founded as a motorcycle manufacturer in 1955, and with in a decade they diversified into other areas like powerboats and outboard motors.In India the company had got into a joint venture with Escorts in 1995.

However by the turn of the century Escorts had sold its' stake to leave Yamaha fend on its own in the Indian market. Yamaha Motor India Private Limited is a 100% owned subsidiary of Yamaha Motors Company Limited of Japan, and now it comes with a wide range of products to capture a large share of the two wheeler market.

Popularity of Yamaha Motors

In the earlier days Yamaha had a winner in its Rajdoot motorcycle, these two wheelers were a big hit in the rural market. The sturdy built of the motorcycle along with its relevant technology for the Indian roads made it quite a hit among the Indian masses.The two-wheeler was durable and coupled with its excellent load carrying capacity the two-wheeler was an excellent motorcycle for the rural Indian roads. Similarly the Rx 100 and Rx135 were quite popular among the youth as they provided the extra throttle the young and restless look for.

However in the recent years Yamaha has concentrated on the urba0n 100cc deluxe category introducing motorcycles like the Yamaha Libero. These set of two wheelers come with international style, cutting edge technology, fuel efficiency, power delivery, and stylized graphics.

The company is also riding on the popularity of current Bollywood heart throb John Abraham for the marketing of its' two wheelers. Yamaha is all set to rock the country with a slew of new products designed for the Young that put power and performance into a generation that is raring to go all out.

Yamaha believes that its products have huge appeal for this youth segment that seeks performance and the pleasure of a great drive with technology that is ahead of competition on style, performance, features and quality. Yamaha believes that these new youth oriented models will set new standards in the Indian market and help Yamaha gain leadership position in the market.