Royal Enfield Motors

The new age biking concept was ushered into the country with the advent of first batch of Enfield bikes which were manufactured indigenously, since then these bikes have become as much a part of the Sergeant stable of Kolkata to the business minded milkman in Uttar Pradesh. However it's only the beginning of the contrast, these bikes are also a prized possession of the rebellious college student in any part of the country. The bikes are a part of the domain of the hardcore bike enthusiast who wants to stretch the limits of biking.

The company also has the distinction of being the first motorcycle manufacturer in the country; it is often referred to as the Harley Davidson of India.

Bullet came to India in the year 1949, a couple of years after the Indian independence with the 350 cc machine when Madras Motor Company won an order from the Indian Army to supply these motorcycles to them. Initially the bikes were only assembled in the country but in the due course of time the entire bike was indigenously manufactured. However the design of the bike was to remain unaltered for the next thirty years. In a years time several other models were also introduced in the market.

Enfield motors was also responsible for introducing an entry level bike for the Indian market in the form of the 173 ccs Villiers in 1973. It was an instant hit among the people who wanted to own these two wheelers but were apprehensive about its weight and size.

The 200 cc mini Bullet was launched in the same year keeping the youth in mind. It has to be kept in mind that till today very few motorcycle companies has been able to introduce a 200cc bike for the youth.

However to counter the competition from the light two wheelers from Japan, Enfield introduced lighter two wheelers like the Silver Plus Explorer. This became quite popular among office going people and women who found the step through design and light weight of these two-wheelers easier and convenient to handle.

Eicher group

Acquired Enfield motors in 1994 and the company was rechristened as Royal Enfield motors