Motorcycles in India

Motorcycles have come a long way since they were first introduced in the country way back in the 1950s. The Indian government had got the first set of these mean machines from the Royal Enfield Company of UK for its' Army and Police to patrol the border highways on the rough and tough terrain of the West. Today these sets of two wheelers not only cater to the men in uniform, but also common people who have different needs and expectations from their motorcycles. Today motorcycle companies are taking special care to make their products more user friendly comfortable, safe, and ergonomic without compromising on the fun and thrills of riding.

Some bikes like the hero honda Karizma can touch speeds up to 125kmph thus truly satisfying the riders need for speed. motorcycles have also invaded the Hindi film industry where Bollywood heart throbs like John Abraham, Hrithik Roshan , Uday Chopra and Fardeen Khan are seen setting the roads on fire with their set of two wheels.

Thus the trend of motorcycles have caught up with the average Indian and there a bike to suit everyone's needs and usage. Premium Segment bikes like the hero honda Karizma and Bajaj Pulsar provides the Generation Y a chance to emulate their idols on screen. These motorcycles come with 5 speed gear box and disc brakes to provide one the extra throttle with the adequate safety measure. Kinetic Acquila the premium segment bike from Kinetic has headlamp that turns head

with the bike thus making riding easier in the darkness of the night. These motorcycles also come with factory fitted allow wheels to provide the extra strength and stability.

The Enfield Bullet enjoys a loyal following among its users; people who ride these heavy machines once always vouch for their sturdiness and stability. Bullet clubs have cropped up in various cities of the country like Bangalore, where motorcycle users who are in love with their machines frequent the road less traveled.

India has a burgeoning middle class, which means that value for money bikes like the hero honda splendor, Bajaj Discover and TVS Victor have retained their importance with every passing day. These bikes are a hit among the office goers and small time business men who demand maximum output from their two wheelers. motorcycles like the hero honda splendor come in a wide range of colors and give an average mileage of 70 km per liter.

The entry level segment of motorcycles also has a cut throat competition with the two wheeler manufacturers trying to outdo each other by providing that extra edge in economy biking. Some of the bikes which are available at the entry level include the hero honda CD Dawn, Yamaha Crux, TVS Star and Bajaj CT 100. The TVS motor company has posted strong growth due to the growing popularity of TV Star across all markets. TV Star has an engine displacement of 99.7 cc and claims to give an average of over 100 kmpl.

Thus the Indian motorcycle users have a lot of option across all levels to kick start his riding.