Honda Motors

Honda Motors Co. Ltd. is a renowned Japanese engine manufacturer and engineering corporation. Although Honda is known all over for its motorcycles and automobiles, it also manufactures products such as scooters, trucks, aeronautical, robots, electric generators, jets, jet engines, water crafts, ATV beside others. The best-known Honda luxurious cars are acknowledged as Acura in North America and China. Recently, Honda came up with mountain bikes called Honda RN-01 G-cross

that happens to be the first bike equipped with an in-built gear changing system. Honda is the world's largest engine- maker with its annual production reaching about 14 million internal combustion engines. In many categories, Honda has been the first company to break in, like for instance, Honda invented Japan's first car- Legend in 1987, Japan's first motorcycle-
Gold Wing in 2006 that is facilitated with an airbag and also the first average size pick-up truck equipped with an independent rear suspension- Ridgeline in 2006.

After years of research and development, Honda has also invented a life-size robot called ASIMO that can walk, dance and obey the commands.

The Power of Dreams- is the motto of Honda . True to its slogan, Honda definitely turns dreams into reality.