Hero Honda CBZ and CBZ X-Treme

One of the most celebrated two-wheeler manufacturers in the world, hero honda is a leading name in the two-wheeler market in the country. Incepted in 1984, hero honda is a joint venture of the Hero group, India and the Hondaof Japan. In 2001, hero honda created a history by producing 1.3 million motorbikes in one fiscal. In 1999, it launched India's first four stroke motorbike which was designed in sports oriented manner Catching the fancy of young generation,this model created waves and was in huge demand for some time.

The hero honda CBZ possesses the following special features.

  • An original Hondaengine of the capacity of 156.8cc with a velocity of 125km/hour.
  • Transient Power Fuel Control System provides quick and rapid acceleration.
  • Tachometer showing the rotational speed of the engine while Trip meter helps in measuring the distance traveled.
  • Air Injection system: It maintained the environmental norms by injecting fresh air into the exhaust port.
  • Top Speed: It had the maximum speed of 113km/hour

Having all these features and many more, the model was in the market unchanged for nearly five years. However, in the face of stiff competition from other auto majors, this model was gradually phased out by the company and replaced with a revised version, an electric self starting motorbike, named CBZ*. On account of its comparatively higher price than other similar models, it failed to make a dent into the market.