Two Wheeler Consumer Guide

Buying an automobile in India is usually treated as an occasion to celebrate. Though two wheelers are not in the same league as that of a car yet the significance of the occasion and the expenses involved, a decent one from a typical Indian perspective, ensures that one is careful while going in for a two wheeler. Be it a motorcycle, scooter or a moped, one is circumspect, if the two wheeler he is going in for a sound one and if the investments are commensurate and so on. With a proper consumer guide, one can find pros and cons of a particular two wheeler and that will help him to get the best of the deals.

As a prudent consumer, one is expected to adhere to the following guidelines while opting for a particular two wheeler:

  • One should first determine his/her specific requirements and then decide if a motorcycle/scooter/moped is going to be the best option.
  • Depending upon the two wheeler, the budget should be clearly spelt out and how one is going to arrange for the funds. If one is going to have it out of own funds or opting for a loan. In case of a loan, what are the best available options and how to get the best of the deals.
  • Opting for a loan, the consumer should ensure that the terms and conditions are well understood by him/her and in case of any confusion or lack of clarity that should be discussed with the loan provider.
  • On the technical aspects, the features of the two wheeler on account of safety and fuel efficiency should be analyzed.
  • The quality of suspension, seating geometry, height of the center of gravity, quality of wheels and bearings should also be taken into account.
  • The beam power and beam quality of the headlights of the two wheeler should be judged and analyzed well.
  • The seat to footrest distance too, needs to be considered while one is contemplating buying a two wheeler.
  • The shape, width and cushioning of the seat is also important to see and compare vis-à-vis other models available in the market.
  • The engine capacity and the brand and reputation of the manufacturer are some of the other criterion that needs to be considered.

A consumer guide acts as the friend to any consumer interested in buying a two wheeler. While it helps the consumer to avail of the best available option under the budget s/he is having, on the other side, it puts the two wheeler companies on the toes and gets the best out of them.