Two Wheeler Accessories

Along with the growth of the automobile industry in India, the auto parts industry has also grown significantly over the years. Automobile accessories are now not only used by the various companies based in India, but are also outsourced by several global auto companies as well. India is one of the largest markets of two wheelers. The country also ranks second in terms of total number of two wheeler production. The surging growth of the two wheeler industry has helped in the proliferation of firms manufacturing two wheeler accessories. Most of the two wheeler manufacturers buy these accessories from the numerous companies based in the country. You will get to see huge assembly plants where these accessories and various components of the two wheelers are assembled together.

In two wheelers like scooters, mopeds and motorcycles, you will get to see a number of accessories.

Often the motorcycles are equipped with windscreens to protect the occupants from high thrust of air that can be experienced experience while riding. You will get to see both small and large size windscreens. The various two wheelers also contain top box. It is a common sight in India to see a two wheeler equipped with a luggage carrier. The luggage carriers are made up of metallic as well as plastic body. To provide security to the frontal part of your two wheeler, front bumper set is there.

Increasing Domestic Sale of the Two Wheelers

One of the major reasons behind the increasing domestic sale of the two wheelers is due to the fact that most of the companies have been able to rope in the rural consumers. As you know that the Indian roads down in the villages are very tough, so your vehicle also needs to have subsequent protection. The headlight protectors and the indicator protectors are widely used on the two wheelers due to their effectiveness in providing safety to the respective parts of the vehicle. The various motorcycle accessories that are used are: back rack, mud flaps, panel covers, rear mirrors, grip covers, bag hook, foot rest kit and many more.