Three wheelers serve as a major mode of transportation in India. Over the years Indian three wheeler companies have come on their own, in terms of technology, skills and expertise. Three wheeler statistics suggest that companies like Bajaj Auto and Mahindra & Mahindra have substantially grown their revenues by marketing their three wheelers not only in this country but also in various Southeast Asian nations. Three wheelers come with affordable price and also require easy maintenance.
The popularity of three wheelers, for carrying passengers as well as goods in India has been increasing due to their unique ability to pass through narrow lanes. Most of the three wheelers are also quite fuel efficient. As there is huge potential of three wheeler market in India, various three wheeler manufacturers are continuously putting effort to develop better models of these vehicles, by equipping them with more added features and stylish looks. By analyzing the graphical representations of three wheeler statistics, you will get to know more about these vehicles.

India has also been one of the major exporters of three wheelers. Thousands of passenger and goods carriage three wheelers running in the various Southeast Asian nations are often manufactured by the several companies based in India. There has been massive growth in the export of three wheelers during 2006-2007. The exports of three wheelers grew by 20.35 % than the previous fiscal year. In the year 2005-2006 the total number of three wheelers exported was 76881, and it rose to about 92526 during 2006-2007.

The three wheeler statistics show that the domestic sale of the vehicles have also increased from 2005

to 2007. A graphical representation of the domestic sales trend of three wheelers in given below:
From the above facts it is quite evident that the popularity of three wheeler is all set to rise in the coming years and the exports will also increase.To know more about three wheeler statistics and matters related to automobiles, browse through the pages of