Three wheeler showrooms play an important role in making the consumers aware of the company's products and bringing close to them. They provide a chance to see the three wheeler on own, understand the specifications and features and even test ride the vehicle. Thus the consumer gets an opportunity to identify his needs and if the concerned model of a three wheeler matching them. All the leading three wheeler companies in India namely, Bajaj Auto, Piaggio and Mahindra & Mahindra have their showrooms in the important towns and cities in the country.
Bajaj Auto has got the most extensive network of showrooms for its vehicles.

With cities like New Delhi, the company has got 10 showrooms and Mumbai and Bangalore following suit with 8 showrooms respectively. Kolkata with 4 showrooms and other cities like Ahmedabad, Hyderabad and others too being part of the Bajaj Auto's ambitious marketing network with quite a number of showrooms showcasing all popular models of the Bajaj three wheelers . The company however is different in one sense as against the other players and that is the exclusive showrooms that Bajaj Auto has for its range of three wheelers.

Piaggio has limited operations in India. In spite of being a formidable player in the three wheeler segment, Piaggio has its production and marketing tie-up with Bajaj Auto and does not have exclusive showrooms of its own. M&M, the other leading three wheeler player in India is focusing more on the four wheeler segment and hence does not have exclusive three wheeler showrooms but sells its Champion range of three wheelers through the showrooms primarily for the four wheelers.

The three wheeler showrooms have facilitated the growth of 3 wheeler showrooms in a big way. One can realize the important role played by the showrooms while analyzing the 18% CAGR recorded by this segment of Indian automobiles. With major players in for expansion and export plans, one can only see more of silver lining for the three wheeler automobiles in near future.