Three Wheeler Models in India

While all attention remains fixed on the impressive growth being recorded by the two and four wheeler segments of the Indian automobile, it is the two models of three wheelers that continue to march ahead without being in the limelight. An 18% CAGR growth and record production of more than a half million three wheelers, many of them being exported, the Indian three wheeler companies have never been so happy and proud. So much so that the TVS Motor, a predominantly two wheeler company has ventured into the three wheeler recently, planning to garner a substantial domestic market share besides exporting a good number of them.
Talking of models of three wheelers, there is not much to choose from except passenger and commercial three wheelers. The leading three wheeler manufacturers in India are Bajaj Auto, Mahindra & Mahindra and Piaggio with the former being the undisputed leader in both the segments of three wheelers. Among the passenger three wheelers from the Bajaj Auto, one comes across the diesel, gas and CNG versions of three wheelers with popular models like RE Diesel, RE Diesel Mega, RE 4S CNG, RE 4S LPG and RE 2S and RE 4S respectively.

The existing commercial three wheelers from the Bajaj Auto is GC 1000 while Champion series from Mahindra & Mahindra is part of the commercial segment of the 3 wheeler. Champion pick up van, both the diesel and CNG versions and Champion delivery van and passenger three wheelers are the ones from the M&M group.

The M& M has another commercial offering in the form of Alfa. The Alfa 3 wheeler has a distinct appearance, impressive mileage to volume ratio, large cargo box and a longer wheel base that gives stability to the vehicle. The Piaggio range of three wheelers is manufactured in association with the Bajaj Auto and its popular 3 wheeler Ape 50 has a 150cc engine that is also part of the commercial type of 3 wheelers.