Three Wheeler Dealers

Dealers play a very important role in reaching out to the actual customers. And in the highly competitive automobile market in India that has witnessed some unprecedented and tough competition; the importance of dealers cannot be ignored in enhancing the brand equity and market share of the company. The Indian three wheeler automobile market is broadly divided amongst the leading players like Bajaj Auto, Mahindra & Mahindra, Piaggio with TVS Motor too making a late foray into it. While the companies continue to come
up with innovative and user-friendly features on the 3 wheelers, they are also providing all the relevant help and support to the three wheeler dealers.From enhanced level of margins to advertisement and publicity support, the three wheeler dealers today are better equipped in providing with all sorts of customer assistance. As the primary consumers of the three wheelers, the three wheeler dealers of all the leading players cover all the important towns and cities in India. While Bajaj Auto has got the most extensive network of three wheeler dealers, the other players too have a reasonable degree of dealer penetration.

Bajaj Auto has 162 exclusive three wheeler dealers spread all cross the country while the other major three wheeler players have their automobile dealers selling three wheelers along with the two and four wheelers.

Since the three wheeler market has recorded an impressive growth in the last few years and the trend is expected to continue, especially with exports emerging as an important catalyst for the growth, the role and importance of dealers in bringing the manufacturers and consumers on the same platform is critical. The dealers are expected to ensure that the potential consumers get a fair idea of the product, the features based on their specific requirements and the company is provided with the relevant feedback so that it works out the changes and modifications in the product profile and marketing-cum-promotion strategy accordingly.