Three Wheelers

Over the years, the world has been witnessing fantabulous development in the sector of automobile industry. With their advanced engineering techniques, the major auto giants like Mercedes, Ford Motors, General Motors, Audi, BMW, Hyundai, Mitsubishi etc have come up with some of the most sophisticated vehicles that a human mind could have hardly imagined just a few years ago. The global automobile manufacturers have found huge potential markets in a number of developing countries. It is not only the cars,consumer vehicles and two wheelers that are sold in these various countries in large numbers, but the three wheeler market is also quite big in these nations.You will get to see innumerable three wheelers running on the roads of various Southeast Asian countries like India, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Philippines, Nepal, and Bangladesh etc.

There are a number of reasons that have resulted into the proliferation of the three wheelers in umpteen countries. Three wheelers are quite economical in terms of manufacturing and maintenance. They have also earned huge popularity due to their easy maneuvering capabilities through the narrow lanes that are prevalent in most of the developing countries.It is not that three wheelers are used only in the developing nations.

Three Wheeler Companies

You will also get to see various brands of three wheeler in different parts of US, UK and some of the European nations. Reliant and Morgan Motor Company are the two major three wheeler manufacturers in UK. One of the US based three wheeler manufacturers; ZAP has even come up with eco-friendly three wheelers that operate with battery. Bajaj Auto, Piaggio is the leading players in the three wheeler industry in most of the Southeast Asian nations.

The vehicles have also given rise to the three wheeler accessory industry in many countries. It is believed that numerous people have got employed in various countries due to these three wheelers. Apart from serving the daily need of the commuters the three wheelers also play commendable role in the transportation of several commodities. Seeking the increasing demand of three wheelers, more automobile companies are considering manufacturing these vehicles.