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Volvo wants to be recognized as ‘Car Maker’ in India

It seems like Swedish automobile company Volvo is desperate to turnaround its image of a heavy vehicles maker to a passenger car maker in India. Known for its trucks and buses, Volvo is planning to launch four new showrooms in May itself. The luxury car maker expects to reach to a better place in the emerging Indian luxury car market which is dominated by the “German Big 3” BMW, Audi and Mercedes-Benz.

Next one month will see the opening of four Volvo showrooms across the country. West Delhi, Surat (Gujarat), Chandigarh and Kolkata (West Bengal) will be the most possible locations of new Volvo showrooms. It’s a very quick move from the Swedish company to roll out more luxury cars for the Indian customers.

The company already has a decent range of luxury cars available in the Indian market but that is heavily shadowed by its trucks and luxury buses and the presence of other luxury car manufacturers make it even more difficult for Volvo. Company’s Indian subsidy Volvo Auto India (VAI) is confident about their plans and expects to get a better market share in the near future. VAI expects to grow further with the launch of four new showrooms taking the total number of Volvo dealerships to 15 in India.

Mr. Jaipal of Swede Auto in Gurgaon will own the West Delhi and Surat dealership while Mr. Dhaval Thakkar will own the Surat dealership. Volvo’s Chandigarh dealership will be owned by Mr. Sumit Passi of Krishna Group. The group already deals with Tata Motors, BMW, Skoda and Honda two-wheelers.

Volvo in India

Volvo offers its five luxury models in India including Volvo V40, Volvo S60, Volvo S80, Volvo XC60 and Volvo XC90. The base price range for these models starts at Rs. 31.90 lakh and goes upto Rs. 55 lakh. The company can expect to be recognized as a car maker with the launch of new dealerships. The company believes that it is still to make a notable presence in terms of cars in the Indian market. Volvo may come up with more dealerships in near future to compete against the big names.

About Volvo

Originally Aktiebolaget Volvo, shortened to just Volvo is majorly known for the production and distribution of trucks and buses. The Swedish company was first found in 1915 as a subsidiary of a ball bearing manufacturer, AB SKF but moved to automobile in 1927 and that is considered as the official beginning of the company.  Volvo OV 4 Series was the first car produced by the company.

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