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Volkswagen Has No Curiosity to Join NASCAR

Though Hans- JVolkswagen_5oachim stuck, group communication motorsport representative of Volkswagen, is a big fan of NASCAR, there have been no formal talks as far as making an entry into the sport is concerned.

According to Stuck, there have been discussions with Dr. Martin Winterkorn, CEO, Volkswagen group, about NASCAR and there has been an agreement that VW needs to be in a series where the carmaker company can display the German technology and NASCAR is a great marketing platform.

According to Stuck, NASCAR is the biggest and the best racing in the world currently and he also respects the competition of more than 40 cars on the grid.
But the lack of sophisticated engineering included in the cars is the thing that makes it difficult for the Germans to accept.

Stuck also said that the VW subsidiary Audi sports Ulrich Baretzky had a word with both Indycar as well as Grand- Am road racing events. He believes that there is something in the drawer for sure, but he has doubts of Audi to compete in either series before 2011.

What interested Stuck the most was the concept of developing ‘global’ engine for formula one. According to Stuck, the engine that can be built under a common set of rules can be a great substitute for Indy too.
But as far as the interest in NASCAR is concerned, stuck believe that it isn’t going to happen.

The rumours in relation to this issue evolved when the top NASCAR officials authenticated to the Associated Press that Stuck met with the sanctioning body at the track on Saturday.

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