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Tata on hiring spree before BOLT and ZEST release

Automobile companies are majorly focusing on customer services these days. South Korean car major Hyundai recently launched its ‘Always Around’ campaign to woo its customers across the nation and Japanese automobile company Nissan launched ‘Happy With Nissan’ only yesterday to improve its after sales services. Though, Tata Motors is not planning to launch any such campaign but with an aim to provide the best customer service before the expected grand launch of its much awaited two new models, Zest and Bolt, the company has announced to hire more than 3,000 sales employees in the coming months across its 200 dealerships in the country.

India’s revolutionary automobile company which boomed the market with its budget small car Nano, will be launching its much anticipated Bolt and Zest in the coming months. The grand hiring session has been planned to provide the best sales services to its customers when the two cars gets launched.

The candidates will be assessed through an aptitude and psychometric test taken by the experts. The hired staff will go through intense sales training, product knowledge sessions, soft and technical skills sessions to finally work as Sales Executive, Sales Manager and Customer Advisors etc.

Tata is also working towards the improvement of its dealerships as per customers’ needs and developing a HR manual for the same. The company has planned to introduce a new technology through which customers will be able to configure their cars real time using tablet PCs with the help of specially trained staff.

Tata has reportedly announced that its strategy and vision will work to improve customers’ purchasing experience. And the mass hiring is a big step towards it.

Tata Motors is India’s multinational automobile brand with manufacturing plants all over the world. Tata is reportedly world’s 17th largest automobile manufacturing company and produces buses, trucks, vans, passenger cars, military vehicles and construction equipments.

Tata offers a huge of passenger cars and commercial vehicles in India including Tata Nano (cheapest car in India), Tata Safari, Tata Sumo, Tata Indica, Tata Indigo, Tata Manza, Tata Venture, Tata Winger, Tata Aria, Tata Xenon XT and the most recent one, Tata Movus SUV. Tata owns luxury car brand Jaguar Land Rover. Tata has joint manufacturing ventures with Marcopolo S.A and Hitachi. The company has worked with Daimler-Benz AG earlier.

To further strengthening its portfolio in the competitive Indian market, Tata will now launch Bolt and Zest soon.

By Vikas Gaur

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