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Tata launches Prima Trucks in Qatar

Tata continues to strengthen its global portfolio with the launch of next generation Prima trucks in Qatar. Tata Motors is partnered with the local Al-Hamad Automobiles for the distribution of the premium range of Prima trucks in the middle-eastern country. India’s largest automobile company has reportedly launched three new heavy trucks from its Prima range in Qatar.

The Prima range of heavy trucks started in 2008 and it has been immensely popular in the commercial vehicle world since then. Interestingly, the Prima trucks carry an Italian cab design, chassis frame from Mexico, engine technology from US and Europe, gearbox from Germany combined with the Swedish technology.

The next generation range of three Prima trucks launched in Qatar includes Tata Prima 4438S (4×2) Tractor Head, Tata Prima 4038K (6×4) Construction Tipper and Tata Prima 4738K (8×4) On & Off Road Tipper. The highly technical range of heavy trucks focuses on driver’s comfort. It features air-conditioned cabin with huge space, adjustable steering system, reclining seats with arm rests, music system, wide dashboard and Global Positioning System (GPS) as standard.

The Tractor Head model can carry 44 Ton GCM (Gross Combination Weight) with the help of Cummins Engine that produces around 380bhp of power. It has got a 9-speed Eaton transmission. It suits perfectly for construction work. Other two models carry the same engine and transmission but are slightly powerful than the Tractor Head to fit in all types of construction.

Qatar is reportedly building entire cities in a bid to host the winter Olympics 2026. It’s a high construction time in the country and Tata seems to have chosen the perfect time to launch the Prima trucks in the gulf country.

Tata surprised the Indian automobile industry by organizing the truck racing championship using T1 Prima trucks. And the popular truck series will now make its global presence.

Tata Motors believe that its partnership with Al-Hamad Automobiles will cherish India and Qatar’s automobile relations. The local automobile company has been Tata’s partner for almost 15 years now and the launch of Prima trucks will further strengthen it.

With Prima range, Tata aims to build its powerful image in the heavy vehicle commercial segment across the globe. The Prima trucks are high on performance and low on ownership and maintenance cost.

About Tata Motors

Founded in 1945, Tata Motors in India’s multinational automobile company. Tata is known to produce passenger cars, trucks, vans, coaches, buses, military vehicles and construction equipments. Tata is world’s fourth largest truck manufacturing and second largest bus manufacturing company. It offers a vast range of heavy vehicles in the global market making it India’s truly international brand. Tata’s success in passenger cars is quite noticeable now. And the company has several international associations with global automobile companies. It also owns luxury car brand Jaguar in India.

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