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Recall is back with Honda Brio and Amaze

Recalling has become a fashion in the automobile industry across the world and the Japanese car major Honda is the newest entrant to join it. The company has announced a recall of its popular Brio and its sedan version Amaze due to some braking issues. Honda has reportedly recalled only the petrol models of the two cars.

According to the reports, around 15,623 units of Brio hatchback and 15,603 units of Amaze sedan have been recalled. It is inspected that these cars probably have issues with the functioning of proportioning valve. Technically, a proportioning valve works on the distribution of break pressure to the wheels of a car. It can be termed as a safety feature. The models without ABS technology will be checked only as the ABS equipped models do not have the proportioning valve.

The recalled models were manufactured between Feb 2013 and Jan 2014. Honda has assured its customers that if the valve is inspected faulty in the recalled cars, the company will replace them free of cost. However, there have been no complaints yet due to the faulty valve.

Known for his after sales services, Honda has created a website to attend the recall in a proper manner. Through this micro-site, the owners of Brio hatchback and Amaze sedan can check if their vehicle comes under this recall or not. Honda is planning to contact the owners of the possibly affected vehicles

Brio, a 5-door hatchback was introduced first in 2011 in India. Brio, means cheerful in Italian, has been immensely successful in the Indian market. Riding high on its success, Honda launched its sedan version, Amaze in 2013. The subcompact sedan registered an instant success and recently completed its first successful year in the lucrative Indian market with the special anniversary edition launch. Amaze is available in petrol and diesel engine while Brio is available only in petrol engine.

The Amaze diesel will automatically will not be a part of this recall as all Amaze diesel models are equipped with the Anti-Braking System (ABS) system which doesn’t require a proportioning valve.

Honda is one of the best car manufacturers in the world and stands tall on quality and performance. And this recall doesn’t seem to be a push to its image in the market. Honda works on highest engineering standards to deliver the finest vehicles. Its huge range of models available in India includes Honda City, Honda Accord, Honda CR-V and Honda Jazz.

By Vikas Gaur

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