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Nissan Announced to Develop a Solar Charging System for Its Leaf EV

Nissan Motor Co. has announced to develop a charging system for electric vehicles. Currently, it is working with 4R Energy Corp. to build a charging system for electric vehicles, which combine a solar power generation system with high-capacity lithium-ion batteries. Both companies commenced testing the system today.

Nissan has installed the solar cells at its headquarters in Yokohama. The energy the cells generate is stored in lithium-ion batteries, which are the equivalent of four units of Nissan Leafs.  Nissan has also installed four normal charge charging stations and three quick-charge at the headquarters site and declares that the total electricity produced and stored is equivalent to fully charging approximately 1,800 Nissan Leafs annually.

According to the company, by using a renewable energy source to recharge the Leaf, the CO2 emissions resulting from driving will be zero.

4R Energy Corp. is a joint venture formed by Nissan and Sumitomo in September 2010. It has also begun tests on a compact electricity storage system installed with second-life lithium-ion batteries formerly used in Nissan Leafs. Based on the outcome of the larger system, 4R Energy plans to enter the business of generating and selling mid-sized electricity storage systems for commercial and public facilities. Nissan believes that the batteries in its Leaf vehicles will out-live the car and still have use for storing energy after the life cycle of the vehicle.

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