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Mahindra Renault Sandero To Be Launched In India This Year


The much awaited hatchback from the stables of Mahindra Renault, the Sandero, is to be launched in India by end of 2010. This car has been built on the Logan platform and is expected to fall in category of small cars with respect to its pricing, which is tipped to lie between 4 to 5lakhs.

Coming to its features, Sandero promises lots of space, being 4.02 meter long and boasts of a boot capacity of 320 litres. The rear door can open up to an angle of 67°. It is powered by a 1.0 litre petrol engine with an option of 1.6 power train engine. The diesel variant is expected to be launched a little later.

This latest offering from the Renault-Mahindra collaboration is designed keeping in mind Indian driving conditions. Apart from the Rail Direct Injection 1.5 dCi engine, the car is loaded with safety features such as Anti Lock Braking system(ABS), seat belt alarm, side curtain air bags and padded doors.

This car will mark the entry of Renault in the small car segment. Sandero will be assembled at Mahindra’s Nasik plant and will be distributed by Mahindra’s present and extending network of dealers.

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