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Jaguar to Launch Two New XKR-S Versions Soon in India

Tata Motors’ Jaguar has announced to launch its two new variants of the Jaguar XKR-S in India. Currently, Jaguar XKR-S is available in coupe form, so the news of its two new variants has brought new hopes for sports car lovers.

A convertible version and a sedan would follow the sports car Jaguar. The Jaguar XKR gives a credible competition to the Porsche 911. It is loaded with a more powerful engine besides having brisker acceleration. Along with these features, it is also powered by a 5-litre supercharged engine, which churns out a whopping 550bhp and 502lb ft of torque. This type of power helps in pushing the XKR-S to 100km/h from 0 in just 4.2 seconds and it can also reach to a top speed 300km/h. All these features can be said that of a supercar performance in real.

The Jaguar XKR-S is likely to be priced around Rs.80 lakh. However, the official price is yet to be unveiled. As this car would be imported in India, so the prices are high, however if Tata Motors decides to manufacture in India, then the price could be lowered.

Although, there would be no key technological differences between the present and the upcoming versions of the Jaguar XKR-S. The body of the car would be built using aluminium, so there would be many cosmetic changes without a boost in manufacturing cost. The sedan version and convertible will get new aerodynamic roof designs besides new doors. There will not be major changes except only a few cosmetic changes like new top cover and doors.

The luxury sports car has been a success abroad, now seeing the success of other luxury sports car in India, Jaguar can expect good sell.


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