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‘Happy With Nissan’ launched

Nissan is in news for all good reasons. First, the sky high sales figures at a time when Indian automotive market is going through a slow down. Second, opening of its Parts Distribution Centre in Chennai and soon to open its own after sales service centres across the country and now, the launch of its customer centric initiative ‘Happy With Nissan’.

The Japanese car major is happily enjoying its new status of becoming a major key player in the Indian market with rocketed sales figures of its Datsun Go, Terrano and other models. Riding high on the recent success and to cater a rapidly increasing customer base, Nissan announced the launch of its nationwide customer service campaign yesterday through its 66 dealerships across 54 cities in the country.

The first phase of the campaign, starting yesterday, will end on May 18. Through this customer service campaign, Nissan offers a free car wash, 60 point check-up at its authorized service centres across the nation and a 20 percent discount on the accessories, labor charges and on Nissan’s extended warranty.

Nissan recently ended its agreement with the Hover Automotive India which used to look after its after sales services in the country. Nissan has planned to open its own after sales service centres across the country. And the launch of ‘Happy With Nissan’ campaign looks like the first step towards it. The company believes that after sales service helps in retaining the customers in the competitive Indian market.

Nissan’s nationwide service campaign looks inspired by Hyundai’s ‘Always Around’ campaign which was launched recently to go on till the end of this year.

Nissan is consciously working on strengthening its Indian operations. After the huge success of its Terrano SUV, Sunny sedan and Micra hatchback, Nissan launched its re-invented car brand Datsun in India recently. Datsun’s Go is on a running success and carrying Nissan’s almost 50 percent of sales right now. The Japanese company has even planned to open separate exclusive showrooms of Datsun to manage the sales. Nissan aims to launch Datsun GO+ and redi-Go by next year and thus targets to increase its dealerships to 200 from 70 in the next three years in the country.

Nissan reportedly has announced that after sales services to satisfy its customers will be on priority this year and the nationwide service campaign is the beginning of it.

Nissan is reportedly world’s sixth largest auto manufacturer and its alliance with Renault is very well known. They have a joint manufacturing plant in Chennai, India. Datsun, the automobile brand is owned by Nissan, was discontinued in 1986 by the company but re-launched in 2013 with Datsun Go in India. Nissan’s biggest market is in China, Russia and Mexico. India will probably be on the list soon if its current sales figures are checked.

By Vikas Gaur

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