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Tata Fiat to Launch Brand Stores, Sans Tata

Fiat is planning out a new strategy to make its future a brighter one, as its partnership with Tata Motors has failed to give expected results. Fiat, the Italian car major, is planning to open exclusive company-owned brand stores in major cities of India. Besides, it is also in mood to hire a consultant to [...]

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Fiat India Recovering From Loss Has Become Profitable For The First Time In Three Years

Increased production capacity and dealership enlargement has helped Fiat India to get a higher growth in the Indian market. At present Fiat and Tata have a sales network of around 170 dealerships covering 130 cities and small towns. Fiat India recently has announced Rs. 22 crores profit for the first quarter of this financial year. [...]

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Fiat Linea T Jet To Arrive in India By July 2010

Fiat Linea T Jet is expected to be launched in India by July 2010. Said to be a comeback of Fiat in Indian markets, the estimated price of Fiat Linea T Jet is approximately ranged between Rs 6,34,526 and Rs 8,59,421. This car has been showcased at the Auto Expo 2010 in New Delhi. This [...]

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Fiat Plans to Launch Linea T-Jet at Auto Expo 2010

Though Fiat Linea is a much-loved car of the carmaker company, but it isn’t by automobile enthusiasts. This is because the car isn’t much powerful. The 1400c Petrol engine that the model holds is not enough to give one, the driving pleasure he/ she looks for. Though the car definitely offers a lot more, but [...]

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Fiat Comes Up with Latest Multi-Jet Diesel Engines

Motor company Fiat, introduces the state of the art Multi jet engines that will help in producing more refined as well as more efficient diesel cars throughout the globe. Before these engines were introduced, the diesel automobile technology were seen as non- eco friendly as well as low on power. Now with these multi jet [...]

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Jeep Cherokee to be Launched in India

Jeep Cherokee, the car model by Chrysler will be soon launched in India by the joint venture of Tata and Fiat. The Jeep Cherokee, along with the other models will be seen riding the streets of India, which is one of the fastest growing car market of the world. The company has a factory in [...]

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