Ssangyong Cars in India

Ssangyong is the fourth largest South Korean automobile manufacturer. In 2011, the Indian automobile maker Mahindra & Mahindra Limited acquired 70 percent stakes of the Korean company. The company was formed by the merging of two separate companies in mid-1963. In 1986, the Ssangyong Busines Group took over this entity called Hadonghwan Motor Company.

India doesn’t have many Ssangyong cars available except one, the Ssangyong Mahindra Rexton. This SUV costs between Rs. 18.87 lakh to Rs. 21.11 lakh. Mahindra is preparing a variant of this car called RX6 to be launched. Besides this, both Ssangyong and Mahindra are working on developing two compact SUVs and a MPV.

Ssangyong is undergoing an overhaul in the company’s branding. It will be armed with a new logo and a brand new name. Mahindra will not be a part of this name. Interestingly, the company did well in the previous year with a reported increase of 21% in global vehicle sales for the Korean brand. Also, its annual revenue has been growing for the last four years, a record in the history of the company. Looks like the Indian touch is what was missing for this old auto brand.

Ssangyong Car Models

Price (Ex-Showroom): Rs. 18.78 lakhs-21.01 lakhs

Mileage : Mileage not Available

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Check all Versions
Ssangyong Rexton VersionsPrice (Ex-Showroom)

Ssangyong Rexton RX5



Rs. 18.78 lakhs

Ssangyong Rexton RX7



Rs. 21.01 lakhs

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