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The Volkswagen Up On The Road Is a Delight To Watch

Volkswagen Up Description

The Volkswagen group like any other big auto giant has been always trying to upgrade its product and offer variety to its clients. The Volkswagen Up is a recent product of the Volkswagen group, which hit the market in the year 2007. The Up is a two-door model, which made its first appearance at the Frankfurt motor show in Germany. It consists of a rear wheel drive and a rear mounted boxer engine. The Up is actually a four-seater car and has comfortable interiors. This superb car, which has been developed by the Volkswagen team, is has unique facilities and is very cozy at the first look of it.

Volkswagen Up Models

You can be good at something but to be the best you will need to continuously upgrade yourself. The Volkswagen group, which is in the auto industry, has been continuously upgrading the various models of the Volkswagen Up to suit the interest of its clients. It has been only four years since the Up has been introduced yet we have already had a few models such as Space up, Space up blue, E up, and Up lite that have already flooded the market. The latter models have all come to increase the comfort and offer better engine power and speed to the customer. Speed is after all the main theme in today’s world.

Volkswagen Up Colors

Colors are something, which is close to a person heart. Someone might have a fascination for a particular color while there may be people who are superstitious about a particular color. The makers of the Volkswagen Up have given the clients variety to choose from. If you walk into any dealers shop, you will find that there are plenty of color combinations from where you can make your choice. The Volkswagen Up is available in white metallic, artic white, citrus yellow, vocal white and glacier blue pearl effect. You should try to choose the best-colored vehicle for yourself. be careful about your choice as the car is a one time purchase and is going to stay with you for sometime.

Volkswagen Up Mileage Average And Fuel Economy

Mileage average and fuel economy is a very important factor for a car. Buyers generally prefer the car with a high mileage and low fuel consumption. The makers of the Volkswagen Up are aware of this and have attempted to increase their mileage and lower their fuel consumption. The Up model runs on both petrol and diesel version. The petrol engine, which is about 1.2Lhas four cylinders, can give a horsepower of 75 and a maximum torque of 183nm. The diesel engine is about 0.8 L. It can generate a horsepower of 51 and a peak torque of 100nm. The Up model like any other modern car can give high mileage and let out less fuel.

Volkswagen Up Power

The Volkswagen Up like any other modern car has a very good capacity to generate huge power from its petrol or diesel engines. As mentioned in the previous paragraph that the petrol version generates horsepower of 75 from its engine while the diesel version generates a horsepower of 51. The power generated is extremely important, as it is the thing, which helps the car to move and even pick up speed if necessary. The acceleration and pickup facilities of the car also depend upon the power, which is generated.

Volkswagen Up Acceleration And Pick Up

The Volkswagen Up is a car for today’s youth. Speed and acceleration is a very important factor if any car has to survive the cutthroat competition that is present in every sphere of life today. The Volkswagen group has a tremendous record as far as acceleration and pick up is concerned. The main contributor to the acceleration and pick up is the engine of the car. The Volkswagen up runs with the help of a six-speed manual gearbox. It has petrol as well as diesel engines. It generates huge power with the help of this gearbox and the engines, which in turn helps in the acceleration and pick up.

Volkswagen Up Exterior Appearance

Anything, which looks grand, is bound to attract buyers. The main difficulty is to get the buyer to walk into the showroom. The Volkswagen Up has been given a grand look just because of this. The earlier models were two door seaters. However now most of the recent models are four-door hatch back model. The front portion of the car has its own unique style with the headlamps. The Logo of the maker is there on the face. The sides of the car are a bit stretched. As you can notice from the picture above that, there are long stretched windows.

Volkswagen Up Exterior Measurements

The Volkswagen Up is four-seater car. Therefore, if you compare it with other Volkswagen models it is comparatively a smaller car. It is however a very compact car. The exterior measurements of the car may vary from model to model but the average length of the car is about 3190 mm to 3700 mm. The Volkswagen E-up has the minimum length of 3190mm while the Space up model has a length of 3679 mm. Similarly, the height varies from 1470 mm to 1570 mm. The width is around 1631 mm while the wheelbase is around 2190 mm to 2560 mm in the case of the Space up.

Volkswagen Up Interior Appearance

The Interiors of the Volkswagen Up to are beautiful. The interiors of the Up just like any other normal car have two seat rows. If you sit comfortably then probably, only four people can sit together. In case you adjust a bit someone else may squeeze in. The seats of the Up are luxurious and you can sit in a comfortable manner. The seats if necessary can be folded so that extra space can be created inside the vehicle. The dashboard has two monitors, which supply information such as climate outside, speed of the car, the amount of carbon dioxide that is being emitted.

Volkswagen Up Interior Comfort

Interior comfort of any car is necessary otherwise; it will turn out to be one of the greatest failures. No one likes an uncomfortable ride. The makers of the Volkswagen Up have been in the business for to long to ignore this fact. The interiors of the Up have had the best of comfort that is available. it has an air quality control, automatic climate control, power steering, rear reading lamp head set and various other features. The seats of the Up model can be folded so that some extra space can be created as an when it seems necessary.

Volkswagen Up Engine Capacity And Performance

Other than its appearances, it is the engine capacity and performance of the car, which is the main factor when we go to buy a car. The buyer mainly tests acceleration, pick up and speed at which the car is traveling. These factors can only leave you satisfied if the engine of the car is fine. The Volkswagen Up has both petrol as well as diesel-based engines. Both these engines have a six-speed manual gearbox. All the models of the Volkswagen have traditionally satisfied customers with their engine capacity and performance. The petrol engine of the Up model generates a horsepower of 75 and the highest torque of 183nm. The diesel engine of the UP model generates a horsepower of 51 and a maximum torque of 100 nm.

Volkswagen Up Wheels

As we have earlier that the wheelbase for various models of the Volkswagen Up is a bit different. Moreover, so you will find that the Space model of the Volkswagen Up has a higher wheelbase than any of the other models. Therefore, it is expected that the space model will have a larger wheel than any of the other ones. The Space model does have a 18 inch long wheel. The tyre size here is 165/50. The Wheel is around 16 inch for all the other models.

Volkswagen Up Braking And Handling

The brake of any car is a very important area of the car. The car can play havoc if the brake does not function properly. As time goes by car manufactures are become more concisions of these factors. The Volkswagen Up has installed many things front discs and rear drum brakes to protect the brakes from any danger. A lot of work has been done on the suspension system of the Up model to further upgrade it. The tyres of the Up model are wide and the wheelbase is higher. Thus, you can enjoy driving here.

Volkswagen Up Handling And Safety

The Volkswagen group has always paid attention to the safety features of the car. Therefore, it is natural that there will be a lot safety features included in the Volkswagen Up model. If you look into the interiors of the Up model, you will find that it has facilities such as central locking, child seats, rear defogger, side impact beams. You will also have front dual airbags fitted in the car. There is also a headlamps fitted here to make sure that the driver can see what is coming your way.

Volkswagen Up Stereo And Accessories

After all the necessities have been taken care of, it is now time for some entertainment. The Volkswagen Up has a nice music system, which is fitted inside it. The music system is a multimedia system, which has a record player, and the radio fitted inside it. The passenger can hear music of his choice. The Up model has also got a temperature controlling system.

Volkswagen Up Alternatives
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