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The Volkswagen Golf Is A Prized Possession Of The Buyer

Volkswagen Golf Description

The Volkswagen Golf is a product of the Volkswagen group and was introduced in the year 1974. It has been one of Volkswagen best success stories and is one of the best selling models of the Volkswagen group. The word Golf here is the German word for Gulf Stream. The car was produced at a time when there was a fascination in Germany to name cars after prominent winds. The earlier models of the Golf, which were produced with the three doors, hatch back style. However, since then a lot of change has taken place and the Golf today is being produced in a different way.

Volkswagen Golf Models

What is great today may not be very great tomorrow. A product, which was doing fine for its self, may struggle with the passage of time. Therefore, research will have to be a part of the company policy if it has to succeed in this cutthroat competition. The Volkswagen group has been in the auto industry since 1938 and they know this very well. This is why you will find that over the years various models of the Volkswagen Golf have emerged in the market. If you go through history, you will find that there have been six models of the Golf, which have hit the streets. They have been classified as Golf MK/1 to Golf MK/6. Every model of the Golf has been popular at the European car of the year awards. The Golf/MK3 won it in 1992 while all other have ended runners up.

Volkswagen Golf Colors

Color is something, which has always attracted human beings since ages. Whenever we go to buy something, we always try to buy something of our favorite color. The same can be said about cars. However, there will be people who will prefer a wide range of colors and it is not possible for the maker to cater to each client. Therefore, all that they can do is offer variety to the customers. The makers of the Volkswagen Golf have indeed offered variety of colors to choose from. If you look at the catalogue you will find that the exterior colors that the company as to offer are black, sharp blue metallic, tornado red, candy white, united grey metallic. However, there is not much to choose for the interior color, as it is mostly Titan black.

Volkswagen Golf Mileage Average And Fuel economy

Mileage average and fuel economy of a car is very important as lower the fuel consumption means lower the expenses will be for the owner of the car. In fact, if the mileage is high and the fuel consumption is low the car will have longevity, as it will find more buyers. Various models of the Volkswagen Golf have been introduced in the market. If you make a comparative study, you will find that the average fuel consumption for the golf is 45 mpg. It is run on diesel. The diesel engine has a capacity of 2L and can generate 170bhp at 4200rpm and a top torque 350nm at 1750 to 2500 rpm.

Volkswagen Golf Power

The power generation capacities of any modern car need to be good if it wants to stand the test of time. Everyday some new product will be launched in the market, which will try to be better than the model launched by its competitor. The Volkswagen group, which has been in the auto industry for quite sometime realizes this and has ensured that the power generation capacities of the Volkswagen Golf are high. The Volkswagen Golf Blue-E-Motion is operated by an 115hp electric meter that pushes power right upto the front wheel by a single gearbox. According to Volkswagen, this car can drive 150km before it needs any major recharge.

Volkswagen Golf Acceleration And Pick Up

Acceleration and pick up is something, which is necessary in most recent cars. The makers of the Volkswagen Golf have felt the need to generate acceleration and pick up. However, acceleration and pick up is something, which continuously improves with the later models. It is true that there have been some complaints about the pick up and acceleration in the earlier models. However, this is natural considering that perfection can only be achieved by the trial and error method. The 2006 model of the Volkswagen Golf GTI has 20 units of more horsepower when compared to its earlier version. Thus, it can generate good acceleration and pick up. The GTD model can pick up a speed of 100kmph form scratch in just 8.1seconds. You can even touch a high speed of 220kmph.

Volkswagen Golf Exterior Appearance

Today is the age of branding and packaging. You may prepare very high quality product but if the packing is not good, no one will buy it. Similarly, the exterior appearance of the car needs to be eye catching so that prospective buyers at least come and have a look at the car. The exteriors of the Volkswagen Golf are grand and very sophisticated. It has a halogen headlight attached to its front nose. The radiator grill has the headlamp cluster with the label of the maker there. It is a car, which with its sporty look is bound to catch your eyes on the road.

Volkswagen Golf Exterior Measurements

The Volkswagen Golf is a large car therefore the external measurements are bound to be large. The external measurements of the vary according to the various models but if you take an average you will find that the average length is 4199mm while the average width is 1786mm. The average height is 1489mm while the wheelbase is 2578 mm.

Volkswagen Golf Interior Appearance

The interiors of the Volkswagen Golf to are pleasing to the person who is traveling in this beautiful car. Various luxuries features have been installed in the car to make the journey as comfortable as possible. The dashboard and the hatch are designed in such a way that it makes you feel comparable to a fighter plane. Besides there are various other things such as air-conditioner music system that makes you feel attracted to this beauty. It has a power steering mounted with cruise control.

Volkswagen Golf Interior Comfort

Interior comfort is necessary for any car today. Everyone likes to buy something, which is comfortable for use. The Volkswagen group has realized it fully and added many features to the Volkswagen Golf to make life very comfortable for its passengers. The basic comforts such as air conditioners, leather seats have been installed in the car. It has various other facilities such as front seat back storage pockets, luggage compartment storage box. The driver seat is high adjustable and the driver can adjust it according to his own liking. It has a multifunction computer from where you can gather information such as fuel consumption, speed and outside temperature.

Volkswagen Golf Engine Capacity And Performance

The engine capacity and performance of any modern car will have to great if it has to survive in the market for sometime. The Volkswagen Golf like any other Volkswagen brand cars have not disappointed in this aspect. The recent model of the Golf the Golf GTD can deliver a horsepower of 170 horsepower at 4200 rpm. It lays out a top torque of 350 nm at 1700 to 2500 rpm. It has four cylinders in the engine. These cylinders ensure a speed like that of any sports car when it is on the move.

Volkswagen Golf Wheels

As you know that, the Volkswagen Golf has a wheelbase of 2578mm the wheels of the Volkswagen Golf are bound to be large. It is mainly available in standard alloy wheels all over the globe. The size of the wheels differs according to various models but it is 17 to 19 inch for most models.

Volkswagen Golf Braking And Handling

Braking is an important aspect of the car. The Volkswagen group has taken a lot of care to maintain the braking system in the Volkswagen Golf. Discs are attached to the front and rear breaks which give comfort to the person who is driving the car. It helps the car to stop easily when it is on full flow. Besides just like any other Volkswagen model it also has a anti brake system attached to it. It prevents the car from skidding when it is being driven on a wet surface.

Volkswagen Golf Handling And Safety Features

Safety is one feature, which the Volkswagen group will never compromise with. The Volkswagen Golf has in it the best possible safety measures installed in it. A big danger that can come in any car is in the form of a break fail. We have seen in the earlier paragraph so as to how the company has set up various measure to tackle this problem. The steering of this vehicle is very smooth and very user friendly. It is of great advantage to the person driving the car. Besides there are various other things such as fog lamps, airbags daytime running lights electronic stabilization programme. These features make the Volkswagen Golf safe.

Volkswagen Golf Stereo And Accessories

Stereo and accessories are there in any Volkswagen Product. Music is an essential part of our lives and the makers of the Volkswagen Golf realize it very well. There is a very good music system fitted with the Volkswagen Golf. Besides as mentioned above, you also have other facilities such as air conditioner fitted with it. You can enjoy the music while driving in your grand Volkswagen Golf.

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