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Seated In The Volkswagen Passat Makes You Feel Like A Monarch

Volkswagen Passat Description

The Volkswagen Paasat is a product of the Volkswagen Company, which was introduced in the year 1973. The car was a mixture of the Sedan or the Saloon. The sales of the Volkswagen Beetle were declining and the company had to come out with something new to stem the declining sales. The other models that were present at that point of time were Volkswagen type 3. However, they were based on older technology. Therefore, the Passat was the only option the company had at that point of time. The Passat was the first of the modern brand of cars developed by the Volkswagen group. The development of the Passat was helped by the fact that the Volkswagen group has acquired the Audi in 1964. It is with the help of the superior technology of the Audi the Passat was developed.

Volkswagen Passat Models

After inventing something, it is the job of the inventor to continuously upgrade the product. The makers of the Volkswagen Passat have been dishing out various models over the years to suit the needs of various clients. Client satisfaction is an important aspect of marketing today. The Passat R36 is the most powerful Passat ever to be built by the company. You can compare it with the saloon or the estate. It has an engine capacity of 300hp. The Biscay blue pearl effect, the paint finish, and the motor sport type bumpers, wheel arch are some of the feature that make it look grand and elegant. Another nice model is the Passat cc. The Passat cc is the first four door luxury car from the house of Volkswagen group.

Volkswagen Passat Colors

The color combination is something which many a client is concerned. It is about personal likes and dislikes. Some color, which Mr. X likes, may not go down well with Mr. Y. However, the makers of the Volkswagen Passat have left buyers with enough option to choose from. The colors of the car can be divided into two types. The exterior colors and the interior colors. If you are looking for exterior colors of your choice, you can choose from candy white, deep black metallic, island grey metallic, white gold metallic. Now for the interior portion of the car you can choose from black, classic grey, or corn silk beige.

Volkswagen Passat Mileage Average And Fuel Economy

The mileage average and fuel economy of any car is an important factor. Carmakers strive very hard to achieve success in this field, as this is one segment, which will have a direct effect on their sales numbers. The Volkswagen Passat just like any other car has been trying to improve its mpg and lower its fuel consumption. The mpg or the fuel consumption varies according to different brands of the car. However based on a study of various models the average mpg of the Passat is 41.1. The fuel economy in most models varies from 18 to 27 mpg.

Volkswagen Passat Power

The Volkswagen Passat has the capability to deliver a very good engine horsepower. These are the very essential things, which you need to have if you want to increase the sales. The horsepower of an engine increases as you develop the engine in a better way. The Volkswagen Passat 2.86V6 has the capacity to produce 190 horsepower at the flying wheel. There are certain power chips added to it. It has the capacity to increase the horsepower to 212.

Volkswagen Passat Acceleration And Pick Up

The acceleration and pick is an important factor when you are choosing a modern day car. The Volkswagen Passat is no stranger to acceleration and good pick up. The acceleration and pick up capacity of the car varies from the various models that are available in the market. The Volkswagen Passat 2.86V6 has the top pickup and acceleration capacity amongst the various models of the Volkswagen Passat.

Volkswagen Passat Exterior Appearance

The Volkswagen Passat has been designed in such a way that the exteriors do give us a royal feeling. The Xenon headlight, which has a cleaning system attached to it, has makes it look gorgeous. The chrome side window will add to the beauty of the Volkswagen Passat in an even better way. Owning a car like this will add to your personality. You will find that here we have fog lamps attached to it. This will assist you to drive carefully during bad weather. A Volkswagen Passat on the road is bound to catch the attention of everyone in the street.

Volkswagen Passat Exterior Measurements

The Volkswagen Passat is a five-seater car. Therefore, considering these factors the external measurements are bound to be big. However, it is a bit difficult to give the exact exterior measurements as they vary from model to other models. One of the recent models, which were launched they had an average length of 4765mm. The width of the car is also very large and is at 1820mm. The height of this beautiful car is 1457mm. The wheelbase is very important as the car moves based on this wheel. This car, which was launched in India, has a wheelbase of 2709 mm. The exterior measurements in most other models may just vary slightly.

Volkswagen Passat Interior Appearance

While the exterior appearance are more of a show the interior appearance in the Volkswagen Passat are there so that the it satisfies the needs of the passengers who are seated in the car. It has a seating capacity of five people thus, it is very spacious. The wooden trim and beautiful décor makes the passenger feel like a monarch. The interior colors are designed in such a way that it makes a perfect view for the passenger. The Napa leather seats and the armrests help the passenger to relax inside the vehicle. Other functions include memory functions for the driver’s seat, lumbar support. Seated inside the car you do feel like that of a monarch.

Volkswagen Passat Interior Comfort

Your car may look grand from outside however if the interior comfort is missing it will be a dampener. The Volkswagen Passat is a very comfortable car for its passengers. The Volkswagen Passat has seats, which can be adjusted in twelve ways. As a passenger, you can adjust the seat in whichever way it is suitable for you. The engines of this car are positioned in such a way that it allows a lot of space to be created inside the car. This space is very important for a comfortable journey. The cruise control, which is installed in the car, helps the person who is driving the car. This feature enables the driver to keep the speed of the car within a set level.

Volkswagen Passat Engine Capacity And Performance

The capacity of the engine and its performance over the years do matter a lot if the produce has to last for sometime. The recent models of the Volkswagen Passat are available only in the new TSI petrol engine. Over the years various models of the Volkswagen Passat have been developed. Most of them have an average engine capacity of 1.8L. It has a highly powerful engine and churns out and impressive power.

Volkswagen Passat Wheels

The Volkswagen Passat as mentioned earlier is a very large and spacious car. Therefore, much of the outer dimension and the wheelbase here is bound to large. The wheel that is supplied along with the Volkswagen Passat is covered with alloy. The size of the wheel here is 7j multiplied by 16 inch. The tyres that come with it are all big sized ones. They are advantageous for the car as they prevent the car from skidding of the road.

Volkswagen Passat Braking And Handling

Braking is an important aspect of car driving. If your brakes do not function at the correct time, you put many lives at risk. The makers of the Volkswagen Passat have taken care of this aspect in a very smooth manner. The antilock braking system, which is installed in the car, helps to prevent wheel lock if you apply the brakes all over sudden. It also helps the driver to have control over the car when he is driving on wet surfaces. The disc brakes, which are also installed there, help to stop the car when it is moving at a high speed.

Volkswagen Passat Handling And Safety

Various safety measures have also been installed in the Volkswagen Passat to satisfy customers that it is indeed a safe car even in the worst of crisis. It has received many a good rating from the Federal authority whenever safety tests are being conducted. Besides, you would have known how various look after the braking system in this car measures such disc brakes and antilock braking system. The Xenon headlights help the driver to spot danger in advance even if they are traveling in the dark.

Volkswagen Passat Stereo And Accessories

Other than the traditional benefits of every car, the Volkswagen Passat has something different to offer to its cliental. It gives the passengers of the car a lot of entertainment facilities. It has an audio system installed within the car. The number of speakers that are installed in the car are eight. Music is a thing that helps you to relax. Therefore, when you are driving back from your workplace to your home you can relax by listening to the music. You also have a temperature-controlling device attached with the car.

Volkswagen Passat Alternatives
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