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The Volkswagen Jetta Is The Owners pride And The Neighbors Envy

Volkswagen Jetta

The Volkswagen Jetta has its origins in Germany. It is a product of one of the biggest automakers in Germany the Volkswagen group. Since it is a product of the Volkswagen group, it named as Volkswagen Jetta. The company actually needed a car for its passenger car division. Therefore, this car was discovered in the year 1979. Various names have been given to different models of cars produced by the Volkswagen group. It has a fascination to name cars after different winds.

A model was named Volkswagen Passat. Passat is the German name for the word wind. This is because the car is expected to pick up huge speed. The jetta name was derived from the Atlantic jet stream.

Volkswagen Jetta Models

We are living in a world, which is changing quite rapidly. The Volkswagen Jetta is no stranger to that and is to changing rapidly. The models are being updated regularly to suit the tastes of the modern consumer. However, there are certain models such as Mark 2 series, which are hugely successful and still going strong today. It was introduced in Europe in the year 1984. In the year 1991, it became the best selling car in Europe and North America. Various models of the Jetta introduced in North America were also very much similar to their European models. Various models of the Volkswagen Jetta today are produced worldwide.

Volkswagen Jetta Colors

Colors play an important part when you go shopping for something. People choose various colors for various reasons. Some people are plainly superstitious while some have a particular liking for some colors. The Volkswagen Jetta today is available in various colors to suit the demands of the customer. The external portion of the car can be colored with a variety of colors. You can be a proud owner of a candy white Volkswagen Jetta. Red is another color, which is liked by all. Here you can buy a car, which is salsa red, or tornado red depending upon your budget. There are various shades of blue and brown colors there. The interiors of the cars are all titan black mostly. However, there is corn silk beige too.

Volkswagen Jetta Mileage Average And Fuel Economy

The mileage average fuel economy is an extremely important thing, which must be kept in mind when you go to buy a car. While it is, no harm to opt for the latest model in town care should be taken to see that it is cost effective. The makers of Volkswagen Jetta look after this aspect also. The fuel economy varies according to the year of production also. The gasoline burning engines gave a mileage of 22-city mpg and 29-highway mpg. The new 2011 models are slightly better and gave a slightly better mileage of 23 mpg for the city and 34 mpg for the highway. The diesel engines are however the best. The Volkswagen Jetta is one of the best fuel-efficient cars in the market today. The annual running fuel cost is reported to be around $1376.

Volkswagen Jetta Power

The power levels here in the Volkswagen Jetta vary according to the model used. The 1998 Volkswagen Jetta was a four dour sedan, which had various trim levels such as GL, GT, TDI, GLX, K 2. The power of the engine varied between these trim levels. The TDI model had the least powerful engines while the GLX models had the most power among the Jetta models.

Volkswagen Jetta Acceleration And Pick Up

The Volkswagen Jetta is the car for the future generation. The next generation is moving at a faster pace than there earlier generations. Therefore, the acceleration and pick up here is bound to be great. However, in certain models such as the Volkswagen Jetta sportswagen the pick up is a bit sluggish. The problem arises mainly when you want to enter a highway. However normally the acceleration and pick up is quite good.

Volkswagen Jetta Exterior Appearance

The Volkswagen Jetta is the owners pride and the neighbors envy. The exterior appearance of this car is grand. It has all the makings in it to become a super luxury car. The main factor about this car is it is stylish cozy and has a very good design. On lookers will be bound to take notice when the Volkswagen Jetta crosses them on the roads. The manufactures have left no stone unturned to make this a perfect car. Just by seeing it you will want to be the proud owner of a Volkswagen Jetta.

Volkswagen Jetta Exterior Measurements

The Volkswagen Jetta is a premium car. The seating capacity here is of five seats. Thus, the exterior portion of this car is bound to be large. The 2002 Volkswagen Jetta is a four door Sedan with a 98.9-inch wheelbase. It has a length of 172.3 inches and a width of 68.3 inches. The front track is 59.6 inches and the rear track is 58.8 inches. The figures however may differ when you are measuring any other model. However, the Volkswagen Jetta is indeed a very big car. There will be minor changes if you measure any other model.

Volkswagen Jetta Interior Appearance

While the exterior appearance is grand, care is also taken to make sure that the interiors of the Volkswagen Jetta is also fully decorated. Seated inside the car makes you feel like a monarch. The interior is very spacious. Many people can be seated in the car at a single time. Today the main force behind marketing is customer satisfaction. The interior are decorated in such a way that it catches the passenger’s eye immediately. Some of the interior features include sports seat, fabric upholstery and artificial leather. The colors, which are used in the interior portion, are titan black or corn silk.

Volkswagen Jetta Interior Comfort

Comfort is another factor, which must be taken into account. The interior of the Volkswagen Jetta is comfortable even if the roads are not in the best of shape. The leather covering on the seats just add an elegant touch to the royal look. The dashboard along with various other features is all drivers friendly. You will really enjoy a ride on the Volkswagen Jetta. The radio system is fitted inside the car. Passengers have the luxury of accessing to over 200 radio stations while traveling in the car. Thus, there is very little chance of the passenger getting bored also.

Volkswagen Jetta Engine Capacity And Performance

The engine capacity and performance is the soul of any vehicle. The vehicle may look grand and have all the modern facilities but if the engine is not upto the mark then the basic requirement of the vehicle will not be met. The Volkswagen Jetta is no different. The makers of this product have given extra importance to this aspect. If you look at the various models produced over the years, you will see that the engine capacity has been more or less around the 2-liter. It has varied from 1.84-liter to 2.4-liter. However, some models such as the GLX VRS 6 have a higher engine capacity. It delivers 2.8-liter.

Volkswagen Jetta Wheels

The Volkswagen Jetta is a car, which can carry five passengers at a time. Therefore taking that into account you will find that the external dimensions of the car along with the wheels are bound to be big. As we have discussed earlier you will find that the 2002 Volkswagen Jetta has a 98.9-inch wheelbase. This may vary according to the various models of the car. However, the Volkswagen is indeed a large car and its wheels are more or less all quite big. You can buy the wheels of the car separately to if needed. The dealer sells you the wheels along with a guarantee period of about two years.

Volkswagen Jetta Braking And Handling

The brake is an essential part of any vehicle. The passengers seated in the car along with people traveling on the road may have to pay dearly if the brakes of any vehicle do not work. Special care has been taken to ensure that the braking and handling system in the Volkswagen Jetta is top quality. The makers have fitted a brake assist system there to support the brake. We also have four disc brakes including two ventilated discs. You will also find an immobilizer there also. All this will ensure that the brakes do fully work when needed.

Volkswagen Jetta Handling And Safety

The Volkswagen Jetta is one of the top preferences of the insurance industry due to its handling and safety measures. Recently in crash, tests with the Federal Government the Jetta received a four out of five rating. Safety equipments such as electronic stability control have been there in the car. It helps the driver to maintain control over the car. Tire pressure-monitoring, antilock brakes, and an intelligent crash response system have been fitted into the car. Therefore, along with the luxury factor it indeed is a very safe car.

Volkswagen Jetta Stereo And Accessories

The stereo is an advantage people riding the Volkswagen Jetta can use. It helps you to relax and enjoy your ride. You may have to replace them after sometime but the stereo or its accessories are available with many dealers. You can replace them with the help of any mechanic nearby or totally by yourself. The Volkswagen Jetta is a car, which has grandeur and coziness to offer to its passengers. It is the owners pride and the neighbors envy.

Volkswagen Jetta Alternatives
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