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Koenigsegg Automotive AM is a hyper-car manufacturer based in Sweden. The company was founded by Christian von Koenigsegg in 1994 with the aim to deliver supercars. The first technical layout of the Koenigsegg car was drawn by Christian himself and the car was fully built in 1996. The car was built using a unique fabricated monocoque chassis with specially designed brakes, suspension, uprights and wishbones. In 1997, Koenigsegg showcased the prototype of Koenigsegg CC in Cannes film festival. Koenigsegg CC got a very good response from the public because of its fresh design and performance. In 2000, the team of highly qualified engineers from Bentley and Bugatti were hired to help in the transition of finalizing the prototype into a final product and on Sep 28, the all new Koenigsegg CC appeared at the Paris Motor Show. Within one year, the car got recognition for its design and was voted as the “Car of the Year” in the Swedish magazine “Automobile”.

Koenigsegg Automotive AB was officially launched in India on 29th March, 2011. Koenigsegg partnered with “InterGlobe Established Products” as the official retail partner for its products in India. Koenigsegg introduced its Agera model in the Indian market at a price of Rs. 12.5 crores and it is the second most expensive car in India after Bugatti. Despite its popularity in the international market, Koenigsegg cars have failed to make a stay in the Indian market because of their whopping prices.

Koenigsegg Car Models

Price (Ex-Showroom): Rs. 12 crores-12.5 crores

Mileage :

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Koenigsegg Agera VersionsPrice (Ex-Showroom)

Koenigsegg Agera   5.0 V8



Rs. 12.5 crores

Koenigsegg Agera  R


Rs. 12 crores

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