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Conquest, is one of the most respectable automobile companies, delivering masterpieces in engineering, fabrication, design, armoring and customization which together result in unmatched SUVs. William Maizlin, dreamed of converting military design cars into luxury armored civilian vehicles and to materialize this dream, he formed the Conquest Vehicles Inc in 2008 in Ontario, Canada. Knight XV was the first Conquest car. The 'XV' in the name stands for 'Extreme Vehicles. It is the first armored, hand build SUV showcased in 2008 in Las Vegas, Nevada. This car had unparalleled security features. Knight XV was developed by employing the automotive industry's most talented people. KNIGHT XV sets a new standard in the global ultra-luxury SUV segment.

In India, Conquest Vehicles Inc. partnered with Magus Cars Ltd. This partnership provides Conquest Vehicles Inc a much larger and reliable resource to connect at the retail level. This partnership allowed Indian luxury connoisseurs to own the world renowned luxury armored (Knight XV) and unarmored (EVADE) vehicles. In India, Conquest Vehicles Inc. launched its unarmored version known as Conquest evade in 2012 and right now it is available in India at Rs 8.5 crore.

Conquest Car Models

Price (Ex-Showroom): Rs. 8.5 crores

Mileage : 4 kmpl

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Conquest Evade VersionsPrice (Ex-Showroom)

Conquest Evade SUV



Rs. 8.5 crores

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