TATA Nano Price (Ex-Showroom) : Rs. 1.15 lakhs-2.26 lakhs

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TATA Nano – Cheapest Car of the World

TATA Nano has been tagged as “the cheapest car the world has ever seen”. And it surely is. The price range of Nano lies in between 1, 15,361 INR to 1, 92,351 INR. The car was launched in the early 2010 while the booking started one year earlier. Since its launching, the car has become immensely popular among the middle class Indians. The low price along with attractive design and fine interiors has made this car a “super-hit” in the Indian automobile market. Not only is it the cheapest, but it is also the smallest car to have ever launched in the Indian market.

TATA Nano Description

Being the smallest car, the thought of non-sufficient inner space inside the vehicle may arise at the minds of people. But, this is absolutely wrong. Unlike the small exterior, the interiors are quite spacious and have ample head as well leg space to let the passengers enjoy their ride in utmost comfort. The car doesn’t take up a lot of parking space due to the small size and can manage to get through narrow lanes and overcrowded roads with utmost ease. It is also extremely fuel efficient in nature providing a whooping 26 km per litre on highways! The exterior is quite strong and durable and is made up of steel. This helps in making the passenger cabins much stronger with additional features and facilities. A lot of safety features are included in the interiors like seat safety belts, strong durable seats, and central locking facility. Although light in weight, the car does not face with problem while driving close to the highest speed due to the presence of tubeless tyres. This is the vehicle which is low in pollution generation and thus is even tagged as an “eco-friendly car”.

TATA Nano Models

The TATA Nano is available in four different models which are listed below with some specifications.

Models Nano Std BS II Nano Cx BS II Nano Cx BS III Nano Lx BS III
Engine MPFI
Displacement 624 cc
Fuel Petrol
AC Not-available Available
Power Windows Not-available Available
Central Locking Not-available Available

TATA Nano Mileage, Average and Fuel Economy

Every model of Tata Nano is fitted with MPFI petrol engine. The engine displacement capacity is 624 cc and generates a mileage of 26 km per litre of petrol on the highways. The on city mileage is also brilliant, 19 km per litre of petrol. This makes the car the most fuel efficient vehicle currently present in India.

TATA Nano Power

The Tata Nano generates a maximum power of 35 PS at 5250 rpm. The maximum torque generation is 48Nm at 2500 – 3500 rpm. The engine is a 2 cylinder based MPFI petrol based one with maximum displacement facility of 624 cc. This small engine doesn’t face up with any difficulty in achieving 100 kmph speed limit. Transmission is done manually through the help of four speed gearbox.

TATA Nano Colors

  • Racing Red Std & Cx

Not all models are available with all the color variants. Let us have a look at which variant have what color shades in store.

  • Ivory White Std & Cx
  • Sunshine Yellow Lx
  • Champagne Gold Cx & Lx
  • Lunar Silver Cx & Lx
  • Summer Blue Std & Cx

TATA Nano Acceleration and Pick Up

This tiny yet extreme fuel efficient car has a top speed of 106 km per hour. The acceleration and pickup of reaching the 100 km per hour mark can be obtained in just 28.7 seconds. All this is possible due to the presence of multi fuel injection petrol engine with a displacement of 0.6 cc and presence of 4 speed manual gearbox. This helps in delivering a maximum torque of 48Nm at 2500 – 3500 rpm and a maximum power of 35 PS at 5250 rpm.

TATA Nano Exterior:

Exterior Appearance

Tata Nano is the smallest car India has ever faced. It has small exterior appearance and is designed in the form of a hatchback. However, the tiny design does not add any negative effect to the overall outer appearance of this car. In fact, it is the tiny size that has creates waves all around the world. The exterior decoration is done brilliantly to make it look uniquely stylish. There are several things present which have made the exterior retain its beauty. You can observe that the bumpers available are body colored and this adds more glory to the exterior design. The car door handles rear view external mirror are also body colored. The fog lamps are present both at the front and back sides. The head as well tail lamps consist of clear and powerful lens. Wiper and washer are present at the front. Aero kit, beading on roof and tinted glasses makes the external appearance more majestic and compact. This is a car which cannot be ignored in spite of the tiny size, which can be said as its main uniqueness.

Exterior Measurement

The weight of TATA Nano is around 635 kg. The overall external length of the car is 3099 mm. The width measurement reading is 1620 mm. However, while the front external mirrors are closed, the external width measurement drops back to 1495 mm. The total external height of TATA Nano is 1652 mm. The car has a wheelbase of 2230 mm while the ground clearance is 180 mm. the minimum turning radius is around 4 m.

TATA Nano Interior:

Interior Appearance

Tata Nano features an impressive interior appearance in spite of the small exterior shape it has. Moreover, being a low budget car, not much can be expected from this car. However, the people will be amazed with the extreme cool interiors and the superb internal faculty that is available. The dashboard is dual toned and includes the instrument cluster. The dashboard is situated just beneath the steering wheel. The instrument board features plenty of advance technology based instruments. Some of the other inclusions that one would probably observe at the interiors of Nano are roof lining with polyester fabric, parcel shelf present at the rear, fabric seats, electronically operated trip meter, fuel gauge (digital), room lamp situated at the front and steering wheel with 3 spoke.

Interior Comfort

In spite of being a low priced tiny sized car, the TATA Nano does not lack in internal comfort features. The best part of the interior comfort feature sit that the air-conditioning device is fitted with a heater to control the internal temperature. Power windows are present at the front. One would definitely notice the presence of cup holders situated in the front console. The rear seat can be easily folded in order to enhance luggage space. Adjustable headrests are present both at the front and rear.

TATA Nano Engine Capacity and Performance

TATA Nano consists of 2 cylinder based multi-fuel injection petrol engine which has a displacement of 624 cubic centimeters. The engine is fitted with a 4 speed gearbox which can be operated manually. This engine has the capacity to produce a total power of 35PS @ 5250 rpm and a total torque of 48Nm @ 3500 rpm. The maximum speed limit is 106 kmph while the pickup to cross the 100kmph mark can be achieved within 0- 29 s.

TATA Nano Wheels

The wheels that are fitted to this tiny vehicle have a dimension of 4 B x 12” and are made from steel. The tyres that cover up the wheel are tubeless and also radial with puncture resistant technique. The front tyre have a measurement of 135/70 R12 while the rear ones are 135/65 R12.

TATA Nano Braking and Handling

The braking faculty associated with the TATA Nano is Vertical Split that is dual circuit in nature. The brake is operated through the help of tandem master cylinder which even comprises of vacuum booster. Both the front as well rear tyres are fitted with drum brakes which have a diameter of 180 mm. McPherson strut with gas-filled dampers is used as front suspension. The rear suspension is achieved through the inclusion of semi trailing arm with coil spring & gas filled shock absorbers.

TATA Nano Handling and Safety

Although the car is small in size and have a low cost, but this doesn’t let the security features lessen up. There are a lot of security and safety features included inside as well exterior to the car. The Tata Nano includes certain mainstream security features like central locking system, door locking on both rear as well front, stop lamps being highly mounted at the centre, Laminated Windshield, brakes with booster assistance, seat belts present at both front & rear, tubeless radial tyres, and intrusion beam.

TATA Nano Stereo and Accessories

The Tata Nano does not have in built audio systems. However, there is slot for the audio system to get installed. One may include some additional amounts while ordering the car to get the right kind of audio device installed form the car manufacturer itself. However, the accessories that are available with this tiny yet efficient car are a good air- conditioner and a heater that control the interior climate according to the weather condition.

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