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Maruti Suzuki Swift Models

Maruti Suzuki Swift Reviews
It is an assembly of style and power. The Maruti Suzuki Swift was a Japanese brainchild that was meant to capture the hearts of car lovers all over the world. it is a car that’s aimed at many reasons - from a sporty hatchback to a comfortable family car it has everything that is required in a modern family. There is every detailing for safety that’s built in with dual airbags ensuring a zero impact in case of a collision situation. An automatic climate control system provides interior comfort and an easy access with modern lock systems. there is a keyless system that keeps you safe at all times.

Maruti Suzuki Swift Description

If you are looking for that perfect hatchback car that will be of space and comfort in addition to a sleek design of its exteriors and interiors there is one name to reckon – Maruti Suzuki Swift. The car has a strong built body type with 5 doors. An engine capacity of 1197 cc with 4 cylinders and 16 valves it also is featured with a multi point fuel injection. The fuel tank capacity is 43 liters.

The front view of the car has impressive lights and a look of strength and sustainability. It is also available in rich tones of color and the texture of the paints somehow adds to its sturdy looks. There is a large boot space at the back with luggage capacity of 368 litres. There are large size rear lights that make for easy coverage at nights and on long drives and a wider than usual bumper too.

Maruti Suzuki Swift Models

There are two variants of the Maruti Suzuki Swift – the petrol car and the diesel car. While the petrol model has a 1197 cc engine its diesel variant has a 1248 cc engine capacity. There is a similarity of the remaining features in terms with regards to engine, fuel capacity and dimensions.

Here are some of the models of the car available.

  • LXi
  • VXi
  • ZXi
  • LDi
  • VDi

Maruti Suzuki Swift Colors

There is a wide range of colors to choose from when it comes to your favorite shades for the car. And all of these are made in accordance with various climate and weather conditions that a vehicle has to sustain. Here are the color choices that you will be able to select from.

Bright Red

Sunlight Copper

Silky Silver

Azura Grey

Midnight Black

Metallic Arctic White

Metallic Ozone Blue

Maruti Suzuki Swift Mileage, Average and Fuel Economy

There is a multi point fuel injection system available in the Maruti Suzuki Swift and a fuel capacity for 43 liters. This ensures a superb efficiency of fuel management at all times with perfect worth for every drop of gas. There is an estimated 17.7 kilometers mileage to a liter on less traffic roads and highways. On heavy traffic city roads there is an estimated mileage of 14 kilometers to a liter.

Maruti Suzuki Swift Power

The designs of models from Maruti Suzuki Swift come with a high powered engine of 1298cc that is facilitated with 4 cylinders and 16 valves. There is a power boost of [email protected] rpm and a torque of 113nm @ 4500rpm. There is a 5 speed gear with power steering and a Macpherson suspension system. All of these ensure a smooth and flawless driving experience with the power to maneuver itself on roads accordingly.

Maruti Suzuki Swift Acceleration and Pick Up

The engine capacities for the models of the Maruti Suzuki Swift are that is 1197cc and 1248cc across its models. And in this there are 4 cylinders and 16 valves. In all you can be assured of an acceleration pickup of [email protected] 6000 rpm. There is a maximum torque at 113 nm @ 4500 rpm. There is a multi point fuel injection system that will provide the best returns for your mileage.

Maruti Suzuki Swift Exterior Appearance

The first impression that a Maruti Suzuki Swift will exude is that of space and comfort coupled with innate strength of engineering superiority. On the whole there is a complete worth and value for your money in this car. There is a broad front view that’s formidable considering a hatchback design. There is a greater area of shoulder lights both at the front and at the rear. It makes for an bright coverage of light which in turn makes night time driving safer.

The door visors make for comfortable vision even at a time of rainfall. There is an automated sunroof that could be an advantage at other times. There is a set of high quality rubberized mud flap that adds protection to the bumpers. There is a spoiler at the rear and at the front beneath the bumpers that adds a sport and daring look to the car design.

Maruti Suzuki Swift Exterior Measurements

The design of the Maruti Suzuki Swift car has an overall length of 3760mm and a width of 1690mm. the overall height of the car is 1530mm. it has a wheel base of 2390 mm with a ground clearance of 170mm. there is a minimum turning radius requirement of 4.7 meters. Luggage space of the car consists of 368 liters.

Maruti Suzuki Swift Interior Appearance

The appearances of the interiors are undoubtedly stylish and extraordinarily comfortable too. There is a scheme of colors that are available in specific models that makes for complementary shades in seat covers and floorings of the car. There is a stylish dashboard with large and convenient placement of the features for the driver’s seat. There are comfortable seats with adjustable angles. You have reading lamps and entertainment facilities of MP3 and DVD players.

Maruti Suzuki Swift Interior Comfort

There is a wide range of breathtaking features aligned for interior comfort of the car. From a choice of variety fabric upholstery for the seats to a choice of finest leather and suede covers and pillows there is even a range of matching floor carpets. The dashboard is an elegant display of the features with digital clock and music player for optimum sound quality. All seats come with head rests and seat belts for added protection. Enjoy an electrically operated sunroof in some of the models with state of the art air-conditioning. There is a smooth drive that ensures a restful travel plan even in case of long journeys.

Maruti Suzuki Swift Engine Capacity and Performance

The engine capacity of Maruti Suzuki Swift is 1197cc and 1248cc for the petrol and the diesel car respectively. There are 16 valves and 4 cylinders. There is a compression ratio of 10.1:1. The engines have a maximum power of 85ps @ 6000 rpm. There is a multipoint fuel injection.

Maruti Suzuki Swift Wheels

Maruti Suzuki Swift has some of the best wheel designs to offer among cars. The tyre specifications are 165/80 R14/ 185/70 R14. These are tubeless tyres with a 14 inch configuration which also provides a broad base for better driving. The wheels are also aimed at a better grip of the road and safe handling of the vehicle. There are stylish covers to be added for an enhanced look of its all.

Maruti Suzuki Swift Braking and Handling

There is a superior design of the MacPherson suspension system that can ensure a smooth drive for you even through all the pot holes and uneven tracts of surfaces. There is a power wheel steering that makes for an ease of driving and comfortable maneuvering. The car is facilitated with ventilated discs and drum braking system for the front and the rear.

Maruti Suzuki Swift Handling and Safety

Maruti Suzuki has ensured enough scope for safety in the design of the car. There is a central locking system with specially designed handles and door locks. There are inbuilt seatbelts for protection of all the passenger seats and handles for better grip. The exterior designs have been equipped with superb lights and broad coverage of the same to allow better night time vision. There are better and several mirrors for rearview and side view.

Maruti Suzuki Swift Stereo and Accessories

There is a sleek combination of designing and functionality when you take a look at the interiors of the driving area and the dashboard. A classic look of black with inlays of features and also inset with the finest of entertainment arrangements. There is a dual facility for audio video entertainment with DVD players and MP3 players. You will have an extraordinary sound quality from the multiple speakers.

Among accessories there is plenty to look forward to. From functional features of storage area for your magazines and newspapers to reading lamps above seats there is a personalized touch of comfort. There is a thermal cooler or warmer for all your provisions and food stocks. There are rear seat footrests and pocket sets for extra storage.

Last but not the least there are plenty of decorative pieces available for your car along with car perfume accessories for fittings.

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