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Maruti Suzuki Omni, a mini van fit for rough roads

When you talk of the affordability and style Maruti has always lived up to the expectation and dished out some of the sate of the art cars to the Indian public. The Maruti Suzuki Omni is a mini van that has been specially designed for the Indian road conditions. It was designed and made by the Maruti Suzuki, which is of course an Indian car maker. This particular car, Maruti Suzuki Omni was released in the country in year, 1984, and was the second automobile released by the company after Maruti 800. in the early days this particular car came with 786 cc engine and had a 5 seat arrangement for the passengers. However the 8 seater car was launched later and it became very apt for families or small groups to set out for a picnic.   

Maruti Suzuki Omni description 

Once the car was launched all around Indian market it took the imagination of the people straight away because of the quality and the performance and above all the affordability of the same also played an important factor. If we go by the record then we will see that Maruti Suzuki Omni is certainly one of the highest sold cars in India. With all the necessary safety measures and well equipped features Maruti Suzuki Omni is certainly a multi utility vehicle for sure.  

Maruti Suzuki Omni models 

When we come to the variants we see that there are indeed various types of variants for the Maruti Suzuki Omni and some of them are listed as Maruti Suzuki Omni 5 seater BS III, Maruti Suzuki Cargo BS III, Maruti Suzuki Omni 8 seater BS III and of course the Maruti Suzuki Omni LPG BS III.  

Maruti Suzuki Omni colors 

The Maruti Suzuki Omni comes in variety of colors and there are lots to choose from for the general public. Some of the colors that the car comes in are silver, blue, green, white, grey, wine red, Caribbean and also icy blue. This car can be divided into 2 broad versions, one of course the family version and the other is the cargo version. The cargo version of the Omni does not come with any back seating arrangement.  

Maruti Suzuki Omni Mileage, Average and Fuel Economy 

The Maruti Suzuki Omni comes with a high capacity engine that has 796 cc engine capabilities and also has three cylinders. The engine is water cooled with 4 stroked. Though we can see that the engine is very smooth indeed but it does not have the required transmission that you expect from a high end car. For the beginner it can be a tough time getting used to the engine system. For all the professional people this car can be a good choice and can serve as the happy go luck. This particular car, Maruti Suzuki Omni comes out of a company that caters to the middle class Indians takes care of the fuel efficiency factor. It is highly effective and makes 12 – 17 kmpl in the cities and highways. It is certainly the best mileage that you can get considering all the other option that is available in the market.  

Maruti Suzuki Omni Power 

The Maruti Suzuki Omni uses a strong engine that has the capacity to take all the pressure on the Indian roads. With 3 cylinders and 796 cc engine it qualifies as one of the best. The engine power capacity is 35 bhp at 5000 rpm which can actually generate a torque of 6.1 kgm at the rate of 3000 rpm (this is the max value). The car had a drum brake in the rear and a disc brake in front. Omni has a fuel capacity of 36 lit and a turning radius of 4.1 m. The car also has the manual transmission features with 4 forward gears having one reverse gear and all synchromesh.  

Maruti Suzuki Omni Interior Appearance 

The appearance of the interior is pretty basic. There are two broad types of the Maruti Suzuki Omni one of course the family car and the other is the cargo. The sitting arrangement for both is different with the cargo version having to do without the back seats. At the first view you will realize that this car, Maruti Suzuki Omni certainly provides all the basic necessary features to the people with ample space to sit and rest your body. The driver has a head rest option so that driving can be comfortable.  

Maruti Suzuki Omni Interior Comfort

The Maruti Suzuki Omni provides all the necessary comfort to the passengers as it provides ample leg apace and head room for a comfortable ride. It can certainly be the best car on a high traffic road but can be an under performer on a high way. This is a car that was highly popular among the people when it was launched it has some how lost that zeal now that 3 decades have passed. There are certain add on for sure like the cup holder and upscale plastic than the last one. The new version has a smooth and perfect steering than the old one. The sitting arrangement still is at the basic level with added advantage like the dual toned upholsteries.

Maruti Suzuki Omni Exterior Appearance 

The car, Maruti Suzuki Omni is a typical car that was meant for the average Indian and all the features that you get to see with the car has been given with all that in mind. Though it has been many years since the release, Maruti Suzuki Omni still continues to sell for car sellers without much of a face light or change in the features.  

Maruti Suzuki Omni Exterior Measurements 

Though in the modern time the design for the Maruti Suzuki Omni is completely outdated but it still continues to sell for many sellers as it is perfect for city drive. Though it lacks the aero dynamic characters but it is easy to build for the producers and also easy to use for the buyers. This particular car comes with sliding door facility and hence a passenger of any length and size can enter and exit without much of a problem. There is ample space and provides ample comfort for people. It has simple designs with door panel and side sills have actually survived for years.

Maruti Suzuki Omni Wheels 

This car has small wheels and makes it the perfect choice for the city people. There are lots to look forward to in this car and since it has been made specifically keeping in mind the wants and desires of the people in the cities so the 4 wheeler that Maruti Suzuki Omni is, can certainly be the right choice for the people of the cities and town.  

Maruti Suzuki Omni Braking and Handling 

The car had a drum brake in the rear and a disc brake in front. Maruti Suzuki Omni has a fuel capacity of 36 lit and a turning radius of 4.1 m. The car also has the manual transmission features with 4 forward gears having one reverse gear and all synchromesh. These gears and brake systems makes it even more useful and drivers can use them to avert any untoward event on road. The disc brakes in this case are highly effective and people must realize that this is certainly a help and added feature that comes with the car.  

Maruti Suzuki Omni Handling and Safety 

Since it was built 3 decades ago the techniques were not well advanced in the early days. The security and safety aspect of the car has not been maintained by the makers as they have done in some of their new cars. But given the kind of space and room that the car provides to the people there can be lot of time and space to maneuver when there is an accident.

Maruti Suzuki Omni Stereo and Accessories 

There are three variants for the car, ambulance, cargo LPG and cargo. There are various features and accessories that comes along with like for the case of ambulance there are essential factory fitted function like the box type stretchers, rear seat with a back seat rest for couple of persons, and 12 volt electric point for the purpose of suction machine system, ECG machine, much needed stand for oxygen cylinders, flash light and siren. And it also has space for medical box.

Whereas the cargo version of the Maruti Suzuki Omni car actually comes with a grilled partition made of metal separating the driver arena and that of the cargo. It has the welded rear seat window and also has the sliding door to the left for the purpose of smooth loading and unloading of the cargoes.   
This is a car that first came to the market in the 1980’s and have been a rage. But with time the popularity of the same has declined much due to the aspect newer cars in the market with improved facility and affordable price. But this car still continues to be one of the favourites for many old timers.

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