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Maruti Suzuki 800, the best seller till 2004

The Maruti Suzuki 800 is a very special car which is extremely close to the hearts of Indians. The car had been the best seller till the year 2004. Maruti Suzuki 800 did drop some sales figure with the introduction of Alto. However, the car still covers a good market share. It is a perfect family car and a very comfortable one in the class of small cars. It is primarily a 4 seated car, including the driver. However, it can still accommodate 5 people. Maruti Suzuki 800 has evolved a lot with the due course of time. The design was completely changed to make it more attractive for the users. Nepal, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh are also extremely fond of the car. Maruti Suzuki 800 is tagged as a car of the classic class in India. There are several dash board messages stating that the car is one of the most wanted ones. Users from different parts of the world have preferred the machine over other for a very long period of time.

Maruti Suzuki 800 can prove to be the ideal partner for users in several ways. The car is a 4 geared car, but had a version which supported 5 gears. However, currently the 5 geared models are no longer made available, to the users. Maruti Suzuki 800 has been able to evolve long distances. The car was designed in a completely different way in the older days However, with time, the car has adapted with the exact requirement of the society. The adaptability of the car has proved to be one of the major reasons for the enormous degree of popularity. There are several awards which the car has managed to win in different points of time. However, the biggest award has to be the fact that, the car has managed to maintain the huge degree of popularity among users for a very long span of time.

Maruti Suzuki 800 description

Maruti Suzuki 800 is a small car which has extremely comfortable seats. The car is fuel efficient and can deliver up to 20 km/l. Maruti Suzuki 800 has a top speed of 140 km/hr. The car comes in various packages. Users would be able to choose the ac or the non ac version according to their personal taste. The head lights are extremely attractive and the low gravity of the car is a major highlight. Maruti Suzuki 800 has a very comfortable look to it. The rear view of the car has been modified with time. Currently, it has a very sober rear view, which could appeal to any user. The brilliant seating system of the car has made it extremely popular. It is a car which has a very nominal price tag attached to it. It is not for nothing that, Maruti Suzuki 800 has managed to be the favourite car of Indians for such a huge period of time. The parking requirement of the car is extremely small and is very smooth on road. However, it is not meant for the highways and users should avoid very long trips in this car.

Maruti Suzuki 800 models

Maruti Suzuki 800 has several models for the users to select from. 800 AC Uniq, 800 Duo Std LPG, 800 AC - BS III and 800 Duo AC LPG are the models which the car offers. The variation in the price tag is very much related to the specifications. In general all of the models are extremely fuel efficient and follow the same design. It is for the users to select the model that would suit him the best.

Maruti Suzuki 800 colours

The colour range that is available with the Maruti Suzuki 800 is huge. The car is available in blue, silver, yellow, white, black, red, and green. There are options for the users to customise the colour of the car as well.

Maruti Suzuki 800 Mileage, Average and Fuel efficiency

Maruti Suzuki 800 gives a standard 15 km/l mileage. Almost all models of the car give this mileage. This has proved to be one of the biggest reasons for the huge degree of popularity of the car. The range would go up in high ways to a region of 18km/l. However, with age, the fuel performance of the car would go down. It is strongly advised to all users to go for regular servicing to ensure the best pout of the car.

Maruti Suzuki 800 power

Maruti Suzuki 800 is capable of 37 bhp. It runs on small wheels, but is capable of producing a good acceleration. The general performance of the engine is quite good to say the least.

Maruti Suzuki 800 acceleration and pickup

Maruti Suzuki 800 has a capacity to reach to 100 km/hr in 19.8 seconds. It is a good score for any car to have. The acceleration does go down with age. However, it can still be maintained if correct care of the car is taken.

Maruti Suzuki 800 exterior appearance

Maruti Suzuki 800 has a very cute look from outside. It is a small car which has a brilliant design to boost. The car is high at the end and provides the perfect finishing. The general gravity of the car is very low and thus, it is extremely stable even in sharp turns. The light system of the car has been placed to suit the driver perfectly along with the looks. The rear lights add to the beauty of the favourite car of the Indians.

Maruti Suzuki 800 exterior measurement

Maruti Suzuki 800 has an overall Length of 3,340 mm (131.5 in) and an overall Width 1,440 mm (56.7 in) along with a height of overall 1,405 mm (55.3 in).
Maruti Suzuki 800 interior appearance

The interior appearance of Maruti Suzuki 800 is extremely cosy. It is a very classy car and can provide extreme comfort to the users. There are models which offer supreme luxury in several ways. The brakes are reliable along with the steering. The steering is placed perfectly and adds to the inner beauty of the car. The roof is high enough to provide comfort to the users and is low enough to ensure a cosy feeling to the users.

Maruti Suzuki 800 interior comfort

Maruti Suzuki 800 can prove to be extremely comfortable. It is strongly advised to use it as a 4 seated car. The car is not meant for excess load. However, it can prove to be extremely comfortable if the limit is followed correctly. The placing of the seats has been done to match the required comfort level of the users. There are several users in different parts of the world, who have claimed that Maruti Suzuki 800 is one of the most comfortable cars to be in, when compared to the extremely nominal price tag.

Maruti Suzuki 800 engine capacity and performance

The engine is water cooled SOHC(1C2V). Maruti Suzuki 800 has a stable engine to say the least. The engine has 2 valves per cylinder and the displacement is inline. The fuel to be used is petrol. The general performance of the car is above average. It is capable of producing excellent feedbacks from the users. The performance is well marked with the huge demand of the car even as second hand. The top speed of the car is 140 km/hr, which gets reduced to around 125 km /hr with age. The 800 cc engine is capable of providing excellent results.

Maruti Suzuki 800 wheels

Maruti Suzuki 800 has wheels of 145 / 70 R 12. The turning radius is extremely small. The wheels are capable of producing a very comfortable ride to the users in more ways than one.

Maruti Suzuki 800 braking and handling

Maruti Suzuki 800 has excellent braking system along with the option of emergency brakes. The front and rear brake drum is placed brilliantly and there are very few complain about them. The general handling of the car is above average. Most of the drivers find the car to be extremely comfortable and smooth in several ways.

Maruti Suzuki 800 handling and safety

Maruti Suzuki 800 has a very string brake system to depend upon. The general handling of the car is good, but there are certain safety issues. The strength of the car is not much and might not stand good in any unwanted situation. The door locks are perfect and should not create any problems in any way.
Maruti Suzuki 800 stereo and accessories

Maruti Suzuki 800 can be customised in a huge way. It is for the user to select the accessories that they would wish to add. Stereo system of the car is available and can prove to be a good addition. The users can choose to cover the wheels and can also customise the exterior look of the car. However, it should completely depend on the taste of the user. The car has the option of A.C. Most of the users would prefer to have it in summer times. The functioning of the A.C. would not affect the car’s performance in most ways.

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