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Chetan Maini, a boy born and bred in Bangalore, India, developed India’s first electric car “Reva”. The Maini Group is one of India’s premier design and manufacturing entities. While its manufacturing base is in India, the company’s warehousing and marketing networks are dotted across about 25 countries with over 75 percent of turnover exported to over 200 loyal international customers. This Indian company is known for its compact electric vehicles. In 2009, Maini collaborated with General Motors that carved a niche for Maini in the International market. In 2010, Maini was acquired by Mahindra & Mahindra and it was selected as one of “The world’s 50 most innovative companies” by Fast Company in 2013.

Around 5000 electric cars are sold by Maini in Bangalore, Delhi and 24 other countries in Central America, Europe and Asia. Mahindra currently produces two models of Reva- REVAi and REVA L-ion. REVAi is equipped with lead-acid batteries that run 80 km per charge at a top speed of 80 km/hr. REVA L-ion is equipped with Lithium-ion batteries that run 120 km per charge and provide better acceleration. Mahindra has set-up a new assembly plant in Bangalore with the capacity to produce 30,000 vehicles. It is currently the world’s largest plant specially dedicated to the assembly of electric vehicles. Maini cars have become extremely popular in metropolitan cities in India with no fuel required.

Maini Car Models

Price (Ex-Showroom): Rs. 3.56 lakhs-4.41 lakhs

Mileage : Mileage not Available

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Maini REVAi VersionsPrice (Ex-Showroom)

Maini REVAi AC



Rs. 4.11 lakhs

Maini REVAi Classe



Rs. 4.41 lakhs

Maini REVAi Standard



Rs. 3.56 lakhs

Price (Ex-Showroom): Rs. 4 lakhs

Mileage : Mileage not Available

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Maini NXR VersionsPrice (Ex-Showroom)

Maini NXR Electric

Rs. 4 lakhs
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Maini REVAi Classe
ok,excellent,spares costly

<p>looks are also good spare parts...

By Pratik, 29-Jan-2011

Maini REVAi Standard
an excellent driverscar /asilent

<p>a car which is going to...

By Pratap, 29-Jan-2011

Maini REVAi AC
costly hatchback car

<p>cost should be between 5 to...

By Prashant, 29-Jan-2011

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