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Hyundai Genesis Reviews
Genesis of Indian Cars

December 2010 saw the the genesis of a new generation sedan car in India. On this day Hyundai launched its new car Hyundai Genesis. It is a big bang to the sedan segment cars as Genesis is the father of all sedan cars. Hyundai Genesis has already got a range of awards where it is been projected already, “North American car of the year 2009”, “Canadian car of the year”, “2009 car of the year award” by china's Auto world magazine, “top 5 luxury car for 2009” by the U.S. National Automobile Dealers Association, “2009 ward's best engine award” and other uncountable number of awards shows Hyundai Genesis emerges as the best possible car that a buyer can have in every aspect.

Hyundai Genesis is a car made for Indian roads with all the sophisticated features and beauty of all the the combined cars. This car is the one and only car made and designed keeping in mind the various factors that an average Indian consumer would need.

Hyundai Genesis Description

The Genesis is Hyundai's new rear-wheel-drive sports car, designed to compete with cars like the Infiniti G37, Nissan 370Z and Mazda RX-8. Presently, most of two doored sedan are almost same, but here the new Hyundai Genesis has improvised its interior & exterior get up that makes it super appealing. While the pleasure level of interior is just appalling that places it as an adequate coupe. The value of the Hyundai Genesis is not spoken yet but it is anticipated to be priced in the range of 30 to 35 lacs. Overall magnitude of the car is designed in a manner that gives it a gorgeous look. But there is also good news for all you Indian car lovers as we expect the price to fall to 10 to 11 lakhs in near future.

Hyundai Genesis Models

Hyundai Genesis comes in two models specifically. They are Genesis 3.8 and Genesis 4.6. The difference between these two models is the features that these cars have. The power of the engine and the price of the car is the main difference. The models are also named Genesis and Genesis Coupe.

Hyundai Genesis Color

The most attracting feature of this car is you can choose a pre-designed car or customize one according to your choice. The exterior paint of the car is available in black noir pearl, titanium gray metallic, platinum metallic, white satin pearl, cabernet red pearl, sterling blue metallic, sapphire blue pearl, and beige metallic.

If you want to customize the interior finish of the car then the leather color available are ultra premium jet black, jet black, ultra premium saddle, saddle, ultra premier cashmere and cashmere. You can also choose the wood grains color inside your car dashboard. Here you will have an option of walnut, cherry and mahogany.

Hyundai Genesis Mileage, Average and Fuel Economy

The Genesis offers you two engines. The first one is a 210 horsepower 2-liter turbocharged four-cylinder, which is a model of turbo-engine decorum. This admirer-to-be of the tuner set makes its power without the sudden billowing or peakiness typical of turbocharged engines. It's really noisy under acceleration, but once you shift into high gear on the highway, it settles right down. And unequally most turbo engines, and the best part is it doesn't require premium fuel. No question, this is the type of engine to posses.

The elective 3.8 liter V6 muscles out 306 hp engine, and the sound that comes from under the hood is like no other V6 you have ever heard -- it sounds more like the Challenger's HEMI V8 with the bass turned down. The 6-speed stick is fantastic, but the 6-speed automatic is comparatively pretty good too -- up shifts are as smooth as glass, even with the accelerator mashed to the floor. Similar to the four, and unlike most 300 hp V6s, it too runs on regular gas. The engine of dreams. Moreover this car is fuel efficient as it doesn’t require premium fuel as compared to its features but its general EPA fuel economy estimates around 21 MPG city/30 MPG highway (2.0T manual), 20/29 (2.0T automatic), 17/26 (V6 manual), 18/26 (V6 automatic)

Hyundai Genesis Power

The new Hyundai Genesis coupe has to offer two engines to us all. The base engine is 2.0L turbocharged 4-cylinder and 3.8L lambda V6 petrol engine, the deviation of the car will be equipped with the engine which has the competency to invent the maximum power of 210bhp with the maximum torque of 302Nm. While another type of the car will be powered by the engine that can deliver maximum power of 306bhp with the maximum torque of 361Nm that means both the power-trains are real persuasive to execute at any path condition.

Hyundai Genesis Acceleration and Pick up

The transmission provided by this car is 6-speed manual, 5-speed automatic (2.0T), 6-speed automatic (V6) . As it has already two engines one optional engine and the other base engine with front engine, rear-wheel-drive which gives the car a smooth pick up and aggressive acceleration. Its a sports car build for family in a sedan design.

Hyundai Genesis Exteriors and Measurements

It is a two door coupe with a seating capacity of 4 people. Exact measurements are not exactly mentioned by the company but the overall length can be estimated to be around It's overall length is 4450mm, width 1770mm and height is 1460mm. Genesis has a Front engine, rear-wheel-drive to attract all car lovers.

Interiors and Comfort in Hyundai Genesis

The interior is actually pretty nice. The front seats are cozy, the controls are reasonably laid out, the blue lighting looks a sensual killer, and all-around visibility is unusually good for a coupe, thanks largely to a dip in the rear-side windows. A tiny complaint that we can make for this car is that the steering wheel is set too close to the driver, rather its too close.

Interior of all new Hyundai Genesis is great in position and quality, there are a lot of attributes that genesis possess like ultimate stuff is adopted for both front and rear seats including heating capacity that offers a great seating comfort to travelers, ultraviolet reflective leather material is applied in steering wheel, powerful 500 –watt 17 speaker Lexicon audio systems and other various features transforms its lovely features as comfort. The all new Genesis by Hyundai is going to triumph over a millions of heart as it captures a great inner & outer appearance, dynamic engine, extreme comfort level and a great performance.

Hyundai Genesis Engine and Performance

The new car Hyundai Genesis is normally offering two engines; the base engine being 2.0L turbocharged 4-cylinder and 3.8L lambda V6 petrol engine, the different type of variance of the car will be equipped with the engine which has the competency to invent the maximum power of 210bhp with the maximum torque of 302Nm. While the other variant of the car will be powered by the engine that can deliver maximum power of 306bhp with the maximum torque of 361Nm that means both the power-trains are real convincing to execute at any path condition. It is estimated that Hyundai Genesis will be available with the option of 6 or 5 speed manual transmission as per the engine chosen. As The all new Hyundai Genesis is packed with two engine variables; 3.8L V6 & 2.0L, both the engines are capable of performing really well, the first 3.8 V6 engines marks 97 km. just in 6 seconds and has the highest speed of 240 km/hour While the other 2.0L crosses 97 km. In approx 7 seconds and top speed can go up-to 220km/hour.

Wheels, Brakes and Handling

Hyundai Genesis have 18 inch alloy wheels, compared to any track model cars it is 1 inch less as they are 19 inch. But that doesn’t makes any change as the wheels are cheap and easily available.

Genesis is also equipped with big four piston Brembo front brakes, this helps you in easy handling the car while you are on the roads, driving in a busy street or in a highway.

Safety Features

The basic standard safety equipment like front airbags, front-seat-mounted side (torso) airbags, two-row side curtain airbags, anti-lock brakes, electronic stability control are all fitted in the car. This car also comes with 5 years/unlimited mileage roadside assistance. Added facilities include 4-Wheel ABS , 4-Wheel Disc Brakes , Traction Control , Tire Pressure Monitoring System , Vehicle Anti-Theft System,Back-Up Camera etc.

Hyundai Genesis Stereo and Accessories

The features that comes by default with this car is Power windows, mirrors and locks, key less entry, air conditioning, CD player, AM/FM Stereo, CD Changer, MP3 Player, cruise control, Bluetooth phone compatibility, trip computer, alloy wheels, cold air intake.

If you have the money then don’t think twice to buy this car as you have already understood by reading this article that the new Hyundai genesis is fuel efficient,classy and with engines that can drive you crazy. So definitely this car is a must have and do not worry as it will enhance your status and also the beauty of your house.

Hyundai Genesis Alternatives
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