Yamaha ALBA

Yamaha Alba, the newest launch of the Yamaha Motors India Pvt Ltd, is well designed solid and robust bike. Yamaha Alba lives up to its name of value for money concept by being highly fuel efficient and low cost in maintenance.

Specially designed for daily commuting, the seat designed is optimized for rider's comfort and driving. Keeping in mind this very comfort, the positioning of seat, handlebar, and knee recess enables the rider to drive in comfort and perfect stance.
Striking features of the Yamaha Alba

  • Aerodynamic cowl,
  • Well sculptured tank
  • Wide seats for pillion riders
  • Well placed indicators and Tail lights

Whilst Yamaha Alba contains the 106cc engine that puts less strain on the engine, increasing its longevity and at the same time gives an ideal combination of torque and mileage. At the same time, its perfectly spaced gear ratio makes driving through traffic infested streets with ease which much changing of gears.

A mean machine look of the Yamaha Alba bike is exuded by its muscled tank, side and rear panels which are clearly defined. Yamaha Alba 106 has been incorporated with the latest technological inputs for maximum comfort while daily commuting.

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