Sports Utility Vehicles Maintenance Tips

Sports utility vehicles (SUVs) are fast becoming a popular segment of vehicles in many parts of the world. In India too, automobile manufacturers like Tata Motors, Mahindra & Mahindra have got into the field of SUV Manufacturing. SUVs like Mahindra Bolero, Mahindra Scorpio, Tata Sumo have emerged as some of the leading brands in the Indian automobile market. One important aspect that needs consideration is the sports utility vehicles mainteance tips . Since mostly SUVs are used for long journeys and terrains covered are not very smooth, maintaince tips are extremly critical to ensure a proper upkep and durabily of the SUV.

Some of the popular maintenace tips for sports utility vehicles are as given below:

  • An all season tire, especially from the Goodyear is one option that will help the owner to get the best of performance from the SUV.
  • In case of a blowout while on the drive, one needs to apply the barkes gently and guide the SUV slowly to a safe area.
  • Regular checking of the brakes by the mechanic/ service centers can determine their current state.
  • Headlmaps should be properly aimed that will help in optimizing the visibility, both in seeing as well as being seen.
  • Oil and filter levels should be changed at regular intervals as recommended in the SUV manual to minimize wear and tear and chances of damage.
  • A bewlt that is broken or a ruptured hose can cause expensive engine damage and delays in travel.
  • The battery too should be strong to ensure that the SUV does not get stranded on road.
  • The installation of a paint protection film in the SUV does require little maintaenace and remains active for seven or more years.
  • In addition to, regular upkeep and periodical servicing of the SUV while following the guidelines diligiently will ensure that the vehicle remains in good condition and offers optimal performance.

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