Automobile Maintenance Tips

Acquaintance with the necessary automobile maintenance tips would definitely increase your satisfaction level in the long run as you would be able to lower the maintenance cost of your new car and used car significantly. If you make a habit of reading the automobile maintenance tips, it would always keep you abreast with the latest dos and don'ts for your vehicles. Two wheelers, three wheelers, new cars and used cars and heavy motor vehicles all have different tips for maintenance. Therefore, one should always be in a look out for specific maintenance tips that suit the vehicle requirements.

We all are familiar with the fact that automobile repairs can burn hole in the pockets and is especially very high for imported vehicles. But regular maintenance can keep us away from all the troubles. Automobile maintenance is one of the most important aspects, which we generally ignore.

It helps in the proper functioning of the car, and determines the longevity, performance and reliability of the automobile, we drive. Automobile maintenance tips are so simple that one can do-it on their own and take care of all the parts of the automobile. Sending automobiles for regular services, changing oil, lubricating the engine, checking the brakes and air filters regularly are some of the many easy car maintenance tips that can be practiced to increase the life of your automobile.

Automobile maintenance tips given by will help you in keeping your vehicle strong and shinning and at the same time cutting down on the fuel cost. You will get several tips on how to clean your vehicle, on how to make your ride economical. These tips would be of great help to any one who wants to keep his or her vehicle in a healthy condition, as it would introduce you to the functioning of several important parts. Maintenance tips would also be useful for those who are associated with commercial vehicles. Therefore, this section would give you the tips for maintaining all light motor vehicles and heavy motor vehicles too.

The automobile maintenance tips provided here are meant not only to help you whenever you meet with an unforeseen incident on the road, but also to guide you in preventing them. Familiarity with these maintenance tips would always distinguish you from others. Here, you would find maintenance tips for all kinds of vehicles. Check them regularly and be a smart owner of an automobile.

Tyres- At regular times rotate the position of the tyres and you must balance them at around 10,000 km. There are under-inflated tyres that one must check. A regular check for stone and gravel in the tyres is compulsory.

Brakes - top up the brake fluid reservoir occasionally when you notice that the brakes tend to become wobbly and act slowly.

Battery - for the prevention of corrosion, one must clean the battery terminals from time to time and apply a light coat of grease. Check the level of distilled water in the battery and see that the plates are covered at all times.

Interior - regularly vacuum the interiors which will prevent the deposition of sand, dust, grime, salt, etc that otherwise damage the floor surface. Wipe the dash, seats and instrument panel and rear parcel shelf. You can use special car cleaners and not household stuff for cleaning. Clean the leather interiors with specific products and avoid cleaners with high alkaline content as they bleach the color off the leather.

Exterior - wash windscreens with water and soap followed by clean water wash. Then use chamois leather to dry the spots. When the car is dry, use methylated spirit dipped rag and water solution to polish the glass.

Lights- make sure that lights are clean and are working fine. Check the brake lights, turn signals and emergency flashers. Keep spare bulbs and fuses in your vehicle. Make sure that all your lights are clean and working, including the brake lights, turn signals and emergency flashers. Keep spare bulbs and fuses in your vehicle.

Hoses - Inspect the hoses and belts every month. If a hose looks bad or feels hard, then it is time for replacement.

Exhaust - Check for loose or broken exhaust clamps and supports. Also look for holes in muffler or pipes. Change the rusted or damaged parts and have the emission checked every year.

General Tips - Always use genuine spare parts for your car.

Give your car an anti-rust coating before the monsoons.

For Bike Maintenance there are the following tips:

  • Regularly check the tyres and air pressure.
  • Check your tyres for cuts and scrapes on the tyres that might result in a blowout. Also keep checking the tyre treads once every week and the wheels are balanced and the alignment checked if the wear is uneven.
  • Check the engine oil level every day before you ride your bike. The oil level should be between upper and lower marks. Top up the engine oil if required and also check for oil leakage.
  • Check the two-wheeler body surface regularly to ensure good surface finish. Before cleaning the bike, see to it that the ignition switch unit, H.T. Coil and silencer are covered with plastic sheets.
  • While cleaning the bike, use low pressure water. The painted surfaces must be washed only with water.
  • Take periodic checks of the motorcycle battery for a long life. Check the electrolyte levels against the top and bottom markings on the battery shell. Top up with distilled water. Check for battery leakage.
  • Clean the sparks regularly. You can clean the spark points with emery paper.
  • Keep the carburetor clean by regularly cleaning the carburetor float chamber and other parts. Clean the jets by forcing compressed air through them.
  • Keep the brakes spaced in the right way. If kept too tight or too loose, is dangerous. Brakes must be tightened as per the rider's requirement.
  • Check the cables frequently for kinks, bends and frayed ends. Replace if the strands appear broken.
  • Ensure that the insurance cover is done in the valid time frame.
  • For Scooter maintenance, these are the following tips: Regularly clean the mobility scooter which will prevent dust, dirt and grit from entering the moving parts and causing wear and tear.
  • Always prevent your scooter from rusting and keep it dry at all times possible. By drying fabrics such as the seat, will ensure a longer life of the scooter. It is also advisable to purchase a wet weather cover to prevent against the rain.
  • Maintain the battery at all times. Ensure that you follow the guide lines of the manufacturers while charging the battery. This ensures that you receive the maximum travel range.
  • You must spend time reading the manual and ensure better maintenance. Ensure regular servicing which is possible at home itself.
  • In the case of front brakes, one must ensure that the brake fluid levels are in the normal state.
  • The rear brake pedal should be regularly checked to ensure that it is free of any trouble.
  • In the case of a low tyre pressure, ensure that it is inflated as per the guidelines and that in case of more they should be deflated.
  • Free movement of tyre should be ensured and service center must be called immediately.
  • If there are problems in starting the vehicle, it indicated low fuel and one must refill the fuel levels.
  • Horn, lights and fuel gauge need to be checked thoroughly before riding your scooter.

Automobile maintenance is all about efforts on your side to ensure that you get better mileage and be hassle free from abrupt breakdown of your vehicle. For more information on Maintenance Tips please click on the following links: