Automotive Mechanics

Automotive Mechanics or Motor Mechanics are those people who are responsible for the well-being of your car. These people are skilled in automobile maintenance, repair and modifications. The job profile of an automobile mechanic involves proper diagnosis of the problem and fixing it at the earliest with dexterity. Before commencing their work or after partial disassembling of the vehicle for the purpose of inspection, they mention their service charge to the customers. The job involves the mechanic to make use of both all his senses while handling electrical and mechanical gadgets to serve the purpose. It also involves fixing a specific part of the vehicle or replacing a part altogether.

In the developed countries, vehicle maintenance is one of the most fundamental jobs of a mechanic. While in the developing and third world nations, an automotive mechanic is only consulted when confronted with a problem. Another interesting aspect regarding vehicle maintenance is Preventive Maintenance.

In this process, various automotive parts are replaced at regular intervals to avert serious damage to the vehicle at a later stage.

With the advent of various technological advancements in the automotive sector, the role of an automotive mechanic has gradually shifted focus from mechanical to electronic know-how.

In the present scenario, due to complex computer and electronic systems being incorporated into the vehicles, a broader knowledge base is required of the mechanics than was used to in the past. Today the automotive mechanic is not like just any other mechanic. Rather, he is an "automotive service technician".