Driving Safety Tips

The increasing number of vehicles in the country has catapulted the importance of safety, while we can't do anything about the circumstances beyond our control; here are a few tips to keep you safe.Always wear seat belts as wearing seat belts decreases death by (20 to 30)%, the government should formulate a law to make wearing seat belts compulsory as in the case of Kolkata. This will help in reducing the number of accidents as people don't wear seat belts voluntarily. Always keep a fire extinguisher in the car to prevent any major mishaps caused due to fire Don't
use the Air conditioner when you are stuck in a water logged situation Don't roll up the windows if you are stuck in a water logged situation as power windows might get jammed. This will prevent exit from the vehicle and cause suffocation. It handy to keep a small hammer in the car to break the glasses to exit when necessary. Always maintain correct tire pressure as it will help in effective braking
Safe Driving Tips:

Follow lane while driving and avoiding jumping lanes.
Always stick to the lane assigned to you and stay with in the speed limits.
Always look for road signs and give due importance to them.
Don't honk unnecessarily as it causes air pollution.
If you have a chauffeur avoid back seat driving to prevent confusion and chaos .
Don't accelerate while you are pulling out a parked car, always look for other vehicles in the rear view mirror and then move forward slowly.
Use indicators while turning the vehicle left or right, be extra careful while cutting lanes and put the indicators on at least 30 meters before turning.
Be extra careful while reversing and look for pedestrians and other obstacles. Don't over do it and reverse the distance which is absolutely necessary.
Be careful while changing lanes and always use an indicator to do so.
Overtake when it's absolutely necessary and keep optimum distance from the vehicle which you are trying to overtake. Don't speed past a bus which has just stopped to disembark passengers as people trying to cross the road will be blinded due to the stationary vehicle.
While parking always make sure that you are parking in a zone allotted for it. Don't park at the corners of roads and always keep optimum distance from another car.
Don't cause inconvenience to others by parking your vehicle in front of their gates and entrances.
Avoid speeding and leave for your destination a little early to avoid over speeding during the journey.
Don't stop abruptly, slow down before stopping to give enough warning to the vehicles behind you.
Drive at optimum speed to get the maximum mileage and enough reaction time to bring the vehicle to a sudden halt.
Drive slowly during the rainy season, brake repeatedly after you have come out of a water logged patch.
While driving at night make sure that all lights (head and tail) are working. Make sure to drive at night with the headlight in low beam to avoid bedazzling of vehicles coming from the opposite direction.
While driving on the highways make sure you maintain proper distances from heavy vehicles as they might not be able to stop at a short notice.
Take adequate rest while going for long drives to prevent fatigue and exhaustion . If these points are kept in mind when you taking your car out chances are there that you will reach home safe and sound to be with your loved ones.