Car Manuals

Most car users in the country would tuck away a piece of literature (read Booklet) which they get when they buy a new car, without realizing its importance. This piece if literature is called the Manual and it explains the functions of each and every part of your car, without entering into the technical aspect of things. It tells you how to operate that favorite music system of yours and has important maintenance tips. It explains all the functionalities of the buttons which are there on the dashboard. t explains the operation of the car air conditioner and the lights which are there in the vehicle.
It also highlights the key areas of the engine and recommends the correct fuel which is to be used in the car. If you have a flat tire and you are without any immediate assistance in sight, the car manual will double up as an assistant and will tell you the procedure to change the tire.

It also recommends the correct tire pressure and explains the rotation policy of the tires.

It has tips on overall maintenance of the car including the battery and in short it explains everything about the car in a concise and interactive manner.

So the next time you opt for a new car make sure you read the instruction manual carefully for a safe and proper use of the car.