Car Games

Also known as the "industry of industries", the automobile industry has left its mark on the gaming industry as well. With the availability of various kinds of car games in the market, it is now time that the non-motoring motor enthusiasts have their fair-share sitting right in the comfort of their home. From toddlers to teens, from middle aged car freaks to 'Big Kids', online car games or gaming consoles on cars have tapped a big market worldwide.Some of the most popular car games are Ice Racer, drag Racer V3, Drag Racer, Hummer rally Championship, Customize your Ride,
News Hunter, Fast and Furious, Action Driving Game, Driver's Ed, Gone in 60 seconds, Goose Head racing, Motor Madness, Rich Racer, Park A Lot, Need For Speed Underground, Crash Test Dummy Curling, Bum's Rush, VXR, Monkey Taxi, 4x4 rally, 3D Car Driver, Pedal to the Methal, Wheelers, Formula 1, Planet Racer, Crazy Cone 2, Van, crazy Relax, Transporter, Rural Racer, Splash and Dash, King of Power, Create A Ride, 4 Wheel Madness, Kore Karts etc.

Apart from the above listed online car games, some of the best number crunchers in terms of business are the various gaming consoles that offer a variety of car games to the players. For example, Microsoft's X-Box and X-Box 360 and Sony's Play Station 2 (PS2) and Play Station 3 (PS3) have some of the best gaming softwares such as Forza Motorsport 2 and Project Gotham Racing 3. With life-like graphics and sounds, these games provide a wholesome gaming experience to the players and are much better than the online car games.

To conclude, car games have become very popular in India and with the passage of time, the gaming industry would register very high profits due to its appeal to the masses.