Automobile Consumerables

Human beings need food to survive so do automobiles, without them these auto mobiles would be rendered useless. This goes on to explain the long queue which is there in the petrol refueling stations before a strike. This section deals with the various types of automobile consumables which are available in the market.
Gone are the days when petrol bunks or refueling stations used to be shabby places, today petrol bunks can give the malls a run for their money. Petrol as a product has also become branded these days, with a promise of a better performance and improved mileage.
Some of the premium brands of product which are available to the country are as follows

Power is the brand name of the high performance petrol from Hindustan Petroleum; it comes with specially imported additives which keeps the engine clean from any deposits. High quality petrol is a must for new generation MPFI engines, which has to meet with stricter emission standards.

This product is an improvement on the high performance petrol from Hindustan Petroleum which further improves the performance of the vehicles.

Indian Oil Corporation

Xtra Premium is a 91 octane premium and is a high end product from Indian Oil Corporation which comes with friction busters along with other additives. It is available in around 2000 outlets in the country. It helps in reducing emission and improves performance of the engine by removing friction.

Bharat Petroleum

Speed introduced premium petroleum in the country and surprised everyone by starting a unique concept of branding petroleum which was initially a commodity business. It contains unique deposit contain additives to prevent the engine from clogging. It also improves the performance of the engine and helps in reducing knocking of the engine. Bharat Petroleum has further improved upon the brand by introducing Speed 93 and Speed 97 the more refined the fuel gets the better its is for the engine and the environment.

Speed 97 is available in two outlets in Mumbai and will be introduced all over the country in a phased manner.


This fuel which has long been seen as the country cousin of petrol has also seen a facelift in the recent years thanks to the improved CRDI engines.

Here is the list of some of the premium brand of diesel that is available in the country.

  • Turbojet from Hindustan Petroleum unleashes the beast with in the diesel car, it comes with special additives which keep the engine healthy, and it prevents deposits from forming on the engine.
  • Xtramile from Indian Oil Corporation prevents engine from knocking, improves performance of the engine and adds extra life to it. It improves acceleration and cuts down on maintenance costs.
  • Hi Speed Diesel from Bharat Petroleum is a high performance and eco friendly diesel. It works on the patented on the patented Greenburn Combustion Technology and contains special cleansing additives sourced from Ethyl Corporation, USA.

All these high performance and branded fuels help in maintaining a cleaner environment by reducing pollution.

Some of the other consumables which are available in the market are as follows

Engine Oil

  • HP Racer 4
  • HP Cruise Car
  • HP Racer 2 low smoke for two stroke engines
  • HP Milcy Toofan for Diesel Engines


  • Servo brand of lubricants from Indian Oil
  • Gas Engine Oil
  • Gear and Transmission oil
  • Brake Fluid