Automobile Magazines

Books they say are man's best friend thus refuting any canine claims, and with time you tend to develop a relationship with your prized set of wheels. So in this section we will give you some important resources which will help know your friend on wheels.
Here is a list of sites which will provide you with useful information regarding automobile magazines:

List of Books

  • How cars work

    by Tom Newton- This book explains the functioning of the 250 most important parts of a car


  • Ultimate Classic car book

    by Quentin Wilson- this book as the name suggests gives you comprehensive information about classic cars
  • The Art of the automobile

  • : The 100 Greatest cars by Dennis Adler is about the top hundred cars in the history
    Classic Car Restorer's Handbook: Restoration tips and Techniques for Owners and Restorers of Classic and Collectible automobiles by Jim Richardson will help you out if you are stuck with a classic car which needs repairs .
  • Forward Drive: The Race to Build "Clean" cars for the Future

by Jim Motavalli will seek to show you the future of cars

  • If sports cars attract you then pick up 50 Years of Classic Sports cars by Bill Reynolds
  • Want to know all about car painting pick up How to paint you car by David H Jacobs
  • Want to get rid of your car place your bet on 39 Ways to Sell Your Car Fast by Timothy Johnson
  • If you are looking for a second hand car you can refer to Complete Guide to Used cars 2001 by various people
  • If you feel the adrenaline rush in you don't think twice before picking up I love fast cars by Craig Mcdean and Neville Wakefield.

If you feel that we have missed out on any details visit our neighborhood book stall for the latest collection and renew your love affair with your favorite set of wheels.