Light Commercial Vehicles

Light commercial vehicles (LCVs) are usually referred to goods and carriage vehicles with a light capacity that varies from one region to another. In Europe the popular definition for a light commercial vehicle is one good vehicle with a maximum permissible capacity of 3.5 tones of mass. The importance of a light commercial vehicle is obvious especially in a newly industrialized economy with large regions to cater where such vehicles play a niche role in transporting goods from one place to another throughout the country.

In the Indian automobile context, light commercial vehicles have assumed a great degree of significance with the national economy poised for a greater leap forward. No wonder, all the leading automobile manufacturers are having their operations in the field of LCVs. Tata Motors for one, has made its position unique in the commercial segment of Indian automobile by having a presence in all spheres, light commercial vehicles, heavy commercial vehicles and the like. However, the other leading automobile players like the Ashok Leyland and Swaraj Mazda too, are not lagging behind and they have their own aggressive expansion plans on show.

Some of the popular offerings in the field of light commercial vehicles from the Tata Motors stable are Tata 407 and Tata 709 of which the former has made a distinct mark in the category of Indian LCVs. However, the recently launched Tata Ace has brought about a dramatic change in the Indian LCV market. Low priced and attractively designed, the Tata Ace has been hugely popular and recorded significant sales in the first year of production itself.

Ashok Leyland is another major LCV player with products like Cargo 759 Tipper to boast of. With a wheelbase of 3200 mm and 5 speed synchromesh gearbox, it has got 4 cylinder diesel power engines. The Premium model of Swaraj Mazda has a wide cabin and wheelbase of 2815 mm, has 4 cylinder engine capacities while Cosmo, another of its LCVs, has an overall length of the vehicle 4789 mm. Dual Cab and steel High Deck are the other popular forms of Swaraj Mazda's range of LCVs in India. Eicher 10.60 and Eicher 10.70 are the other popular LCVs that are visible on Indian roads.

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