Heavy Commercial Vehicles HCV Showrooms

The popular heavy commercial vehicle manufacturers like Tata Motors, Ashok Leyland, Eicher all have a good number of showrooms spanning the entire country. Almost all the leading towns and cities in India have set up showrooms of these companies that offer all range of heavy commercial vehicles. An important objective served by the showrooms is the availability of all vehicles of the automobile companies before the customers close to their place. As such, the customer gets a chance to see the vehicle on his/her own, test ride and feel it and then make a decision if that specific HCV suits his style, needs and budget.

The automobile companies carry out market research and surveys from time to time. Based on their findings, they determine the customer preferences and try to develop their HCVs on those lines. Once the commercial vehicles are ready as per the specifications, an extensive media and advertisement campaign is undertaken highlighting the features before the target audience. The companies then present their vehicles in showrooms and the potential consumers get a real chance to see the HCVs of all forms like big trucks, carriage vehicles, tippers, tractors and the like.

Another purpose that the commercial vehicle showroom serves is that it bridges the gap between the company and the customer. The customer visits the automobile showroom and provides the company's representatives with his opinion about the vehicle after seeing the features. This consumer feedback is important in the sense that it enables the company to understand the customer's mind and make the necessary modifications in the vehicle as and when needed.

The showrooms for the commercial vehicles as that of for other automobiles are attractive and provide a pleasant and comfortable ambiance to the customers. They are provided with a good bit of hospitality and every effort is made to ensure that the customer develops a positive impression about the company's product and of the company itself. This actually could later on translate into enhancing and broadening the company's market share in the commercial vehicles segment.