Commercial Vehicles

One wonders how well founded is the correlation that one is tempted to draw between India's post-independence history and the evolution of commercial vehicles industry in the country. The rapid growth that marked the commercial automobiles' sector after independence can be, to a great degree, seen as a fruition of Nehru's pregnant visions of an industrialized nation and the subsequent exodus of masses to the cities.Today, India's commercial vehicles sector is one of the rapidly growing industries in the country. The output of commercial vehicles in India has shot up to 2.8 times between the years 1998 to 2004; the figure is significant in the light of the fact that the growth in passenger cars has been only 2.2 times between the same period. One can choose between new and used commercial vehicle, if planning to buy with a number of commercial vehicle insurance options flooding the markets.

Ashok Leyland

Some of the automobile companies that are operating in the commercial vehicles sector in India are-Ashok Leyland - One of the first automobile companies in India, Ashok Leyland was born when Mr. Raghunandan Saran responded affirmatively to Nehru overtures to enter the vacant automobile sector in 1948. Since then the company has seen many tie-ups with reputed international companies and built up a formidable reputation in the country. Ashok Leyland dominates the commercial vehicles sector in India with as many as 375,000 vehicles battling on the Indian roads.

Bajaj Tempo

Bajaj Tempo - Apart from two wheelers, Bajaj also manufactures extremely strong tempos well suited to the Indian roads. These three wheelers help in taking a substantial load off the road and also provide a cheaper alternative to the ubiquitous passengers.

Eicher - Eicher takes great pride in its commercial vehicles that are touted as low priced as well strong. Eicher has a range of Buses, Truck and Chassis.

Tata Motors - The first Indian company to come up with an indigenous car, Tata Motors' credentials goes further. In the commercial vehicles sector, Tata Motors manufactures Luxury Buses, Trucks and Tractors.

Volvo - One of the latest entrant into the commercial vehicles sector in India, Volvo is the largest producers of heavy trucks in the world.

Mahindra and Mahindra - manufactures extremely durable buses, trucks, and three wheelers. Mahindra and Mahindra gives a clear priority to vehicles that are meant to survive rugged use. provides information on Commercial Vehicles and other aspects of automobiles in India.