Upcoming Small Car Models

The price sensitive market in India has been forcing the auto majors to come up with small cars that are comparatively cheaper. There has been a rush among the automobile companies to come up with the new car models that would follow all the norms imposed by the Indian automotive industry in terms of engine specification and vehicle length. Small cars have not only captivated the Indian customers for being cheaper but also for their fuel efficiency coupled with their easy maneuvering
capabilities. Most of the car manufacturers have shifted their manufacturing units in India. For instance, Hyundai Motor has set up its production unit of the Atos Prime in southern India.

It is even considering to shift the production base of Getz to India. A number of new small car models awaited are to be launched very soon in the country. Most of the small car models awaited are equipped with excellent features. This includes small business cars also.

Tata Motors, one of the premier automobile companies in India is now currently working on an ambitious project to produce cars that would cost you about INR 100,000. People's Car is one of the most popular small car models awaited With the super cheap cars, it not only wants to grab the market in India, but also increase its sale in the various African nations. In this regard it has been planing to set up numerous showrooms across the continent. It is believed that by the end of 2007, Hyundai will set up a production unit of small cars in southern India, that would manufacture more than 600,000 units of small cars every year. Recently one of the major auto manufacturers, General Motors launched its most awaited model of small car: Spark , both in diesel and petrol. As the small car market is heating up, several companies who are facilitating the small car loans, have joined the bandwagon. Even small car insurance companies are also there in the market to facilitate the insurance part.

Very soon you will get to see one of the best small cars manufactured by Skoda , ' Fabia '. The Japanese car major, Toyota is even considering to launch its latest model of small cars in India. Some of the small car models awaited to be introduced in India are as follows:

  • Chevy Spark by General Motors
  • People's Car, yet to be named by Tata Motors
  • Air Car by Tata Motors
  • New Beetle by Volkswagen
  • Reva Spl. Ed . by Reva Electric Car Co.

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