Skoda Auto India

Skoda Auto India started its operations in India on November 16, 2001. They opened their manufacturing unit in Shendra, on the outskirts of Aurangabad. Thus setting their foot on the Indian soil. Skoda is based in the Czech Republic and was established in the year 1895. However, in 1990, the Czech Government decided to collaborate with a foreign brand and so in 1991 Skoda Auto became a subsidiary of Volkswagen and accordingly became its fourth brand along with Volkswagen, Audi and SEAT. Entering the Indian market in 2001 was highly beneficial for both Skoda and Volkswagen. Volkswagen, for long was waiting for an opportunity to enter the Indian automobile market.

So finally they entered the Indian market with one of the premier automobile manufacturers of Europe and a brand which is equally popular throughout the world called "Skoda". They deal in the luxury cars segment. Like all the other car manufacturing giants even they are of the opinion that India is a prospering market and that it has the potential to grow at a very rapid pace. They think that it is strategically very important to have a strong foothold in the Indian market.

Manufacturing Plant

Thus making the manufacturing plant in India their first ever manufacturing plant outside Europe.
Skoda car was highly accepted by the Indian population because it had the perfect combination of stylish looks and hardy exterior fitted with modern technology. This appreciation was reflected in the innumerable awards that this company received in India. At this point of time Skoda Auto India has one manufacturing plant capable of manufacturing 30,000 units. They have a network of 51 dealers spread throughout the country and have 35 different facilities. They have a market share of about 25% in the luxury car segment. Till date they have introduced 12 models in the luxury segment including their most popular model called the "Skoda Superb".

They are of the opinion that having a strong foothold in the Indian automobile market will allow them to prosper further in the South and East Asian markets. They want to make the Aurangabad manufacturing unit an exporting hub for the South and East Asian markets