Reva is India's first Electric Battery Operated Car. It was designed keeping in mind the need for the decrease of the pollution levels of the cities. Also because of the fact that the natural oil resources of the world are decreasing day by day. Initially, in the past the concept of electric cars were not given much importance, however now it is a concept that is fast gaining popularity among countries and communities. Almost all major new car manufacturers of the world have some kind of an alternate fuel technology or EV (electric vehicle).

EV's are basically zero emission noiseless vehicles that can be charged anywhere. EV's can be easily maintained as well. They are easy to drive as they do not have clutch or gears. Hence, making the maneuvering of the vehicle in congested areas very simple. It has been deduced through studies that the potential EV market is very high in India, Brazil and China.

Reva was introduced in India in 2001. Initially, they had dealership only in Northern India. Reva has received certification from (ARAI) Automotive Research Association of India and EEC (European Economic Community), which has led to the export of Reva's to UK. Reva has a life span of about 40,000 km and its running cost is approximately 40 paise per kilometer. Reva car prices vary with the type of Reva car model such as luxury cars.

The Bangalore facility of Reva is working on indigenizing the car and also on developing new electric vehicles. Reva can travel for 80 km in one charge and can be charged anywhere with a 220 volt, 15 amp power source. Reva can accommodate two adults and two children properly at a given point of time. It's a two door hatch back car. It has been tested under different and difficult conditions for over a million kilometers and the results have been satisfactory. This car comes with a three year warranty. It's economical and eco friendly as well, which are the main USP's of the car. It's also a very Hi-Tech car with features like Climate Control Seat and Remote Controlled A/C which makes it very different from the conventional cars. It's easy to drive as well, as it does not have any clutch or gear. Like all other EV's. Reva also requires very less maintenance as the moving parts of the car are very less in number. Reva has the best safety features as well according to world standards of today. Reva offers you a wide variety of colors to choose from it's over 2000 shades and it can be customized as well.